Watch Bank of Canada’s full response on its latest interest rate hike

April 13: Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem discusses the latest interest rate hike decision.

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  1. Everybody raise the inflation issue for more than a year. Here comes this clown talking like because of him now everything will be green. Buddy because of your incompetence we are where we are now

    1. Yes, inflation has been a thing for more than a year and the Bank sat on their hands so now they have to make up for lost time.

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  3. All this does is enrich the big 3’s bottom line. We have to pay much more on interest rates now. I foresee many bankruptcies in the future for Canadians. RBC, TD and CIBC are going to get rich while you get poor.

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  5. If costs went up in low interest rates now companies need more money to service there debt. Cry for the collapse that’s coming.

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