1. It would be funny, with all the hate thrown at Trudeau (some is deserved, don’t get me wrong), and then they have this guy? Hahaha it’s the same bloody thing!

    1. Prime Minister Shoe polish AKA J. Trudeau and the Mulroney’s run in the same circle… Birds of PREY flock together!!

    1. Can’t forget BEN MULRONEY used Flight 752 (happened three wks prior) as Jessica’s excuse when she was called out for BULLYING DoC: Catherine, posted Holocaust Survivors… 😉

  1. Suggest you follow in your father’s footsteps and run for the leadership of the PC party! Apparently no skill or experience is required!

  2. This is a other Justin in waiting. His father was a corrupt prime minister who took cash in his pocket and got away with. Corruption runs deep in this family.

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