1. @Mahendra Singh — Many people’s values don’t revolve around money. Obviously, you can be bought!

  1. Im amazed cnn reporters didnt get emotional from this and cry . All week i see them saying how great bidens vocbualry is that it could cure cancer .

    What i find disgusting is that there are almost no follow up questions to press him. If this was trump , the reporters would not hesitate to ask the dumb questions at all.
    Like that guy who asked trump weather he regrets lying .
    Where is that guy , why isnt he asking tough questions.
    I realise they hated trump and wanted to embarasss him , but msm still needs to do its job and ask tough question whoever it is.
    I see them going soft on jen psaki as well and then praise her.

    And seeing the layout it looks more like a debreifing than press conference .

    Looks like kamala will be the nxt prez like they intended in another montg

  2. OMG he does not know what his talking about how sad this is and how bad is it is for all of us😡

    1. @Brian Schettler you wont have to watch to many more pressers .
      Its certainly not his strength
      Cant get much dont in front of a camera anyway.
      Back to work.

    2. Wow wouldn’t people like to hear from there fellow leader? 81 million voted for him. What happens if he has to give a serious press conference? Biden is a cornpop

  3. Ahh i dont have talking points on gun control, so im just gonna steer my answer towards stats on damaged bridges and infrastructure! And ….oh yeah, global warming. Good job brain.

    1. @rick mar not a patch on this though. Let’s get the popcorn.

      The only reason the royals were even in the news were because of an American and her drama anyway

    2. @The Paulding Light Channel MelIssa G 12,000 guns deaths in America last year. Atleast you have your firearms!!

    3. @Ángel Garcia This is our country we don’t like ignorant people that does not have a clue what is going on. It was the least secure election ever. Use your god given brain and stop repeating CNN and MSNBC rhetoric.

    4. @Ángel Garcia I don’t support trump at all. But this Biden/Harris admin is evil, they answer no questions, he’s forgetting what he’s saying mid sentence and he just said he joined the senate 120 years ago. Harris laughs like a witch when she is asked uncomfortable questions she doesn’t have an immediate answer to and the press secretary doesn’t come off as confident at all. They spend money like there is no consequence to endlessly printing it out. When enough of the country loses confidence in this administration the inflation will run out of control, and a clown that forgets what he’s talking about mid sentence and never answers follow up questions… It’s likely to happen sooner rather than later…..

  4. I always thought most old people are gracious, humble and nice. I guess Biden is just not one of them. I am glad I voted for Trump in 2016 and in 2020.

  5. This is like watching a Little League game where only one team shows up, the coach is the pitcher, and they somehow end up losing.

    1. That’s a pretty damn accurate analogy. They got blown out with their dad pitching to them right over the plate

  6. “I’m going to focus on one thing at a time…” but you’ll be a dictator and write 50 executive orders!

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