Watch: Cameras catch this delivery driver stealing packages 1

Watch: Cameras catch this delivery driver stealing packages


From CTV Kitchener's Stephanie Villella: A delivery driver was caught on a security camera stealing a package from a front porch in Fergus.


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    1. @STONE every delivery driver from Amazon I’ve seen looks to be from India..

    2. @STONE probably different demographic of drivers in different regions. In Waterloo Region they’re all Indian.

    1. me too. The police don’t care to investigate the ongoing thefts, that’s why they keep getting away with stealing our packages. There was no follow-up to get footage from property management to see who made off with my entire tax return spent on food & necessities from Amazon back in February.

  1. What type of security that Company has ? , No Criminal check ?they go and hire a thief I’m glad the camara recored everything.

    1. A criminal check only works on persons who have yet to be arrested, charged, sentenced, jailed, etc. This person might not have been caught, yet…

    2. @Liz Tew I agree but thanks to the Camera that’s enough info to get this thief and put him out of work and behind bars.

    1. That was supposed to be a joke. I agree show their face name and home address anything to get theft down

  2. We had one of these drivers who took the front door keys and put them in his pocket after leaving them in the door by mistake.

  3. I ya find him – Bookem Danno big time. With a criminal record he will be lucky to find a job scrubbing floors

  4. Canada post is completely negligent. Do not send anything of serious value. Expect your package to be treated as if it were worthless garbage.

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