1. kx y wrong… she smiles politely until she realizes what the drone is saying to her, then she appears to become concerned and tries to get away from drone immediately. Wow, people lack observation skills these days

    2. She was scared of the drone, not the Coronavirus, though.

      No mask, no coronavirus, no problem. It’s just a fear tactic to control the people.

    1. Do you know N95 mask can be penetrated by the virus because it doesn’t have three layers like the surgical mask (water proof, breathable layer and skin contact layer) and it pores are larger than the virus size. If the virus lives in liquid form (assuming it attack respiratory, lung inside, so surgical mask is more effective in that sense)… they are made with different purpose.

    2. @Tesco Primark what are you talking about, surigical masks are meant to be thrown in the garbage after every operaton, they are suppose to be cheaper in quality. Its not fashion choice, N95 and N99 are the recommended masks for blocking the virus passing, surgerical mask isn’t design to block it fully. I dont know what chinese brands there is, but i there is also alot of cheap knockoffs of N95 mask. Unless you are planning to get hazmat suit and wear safety glasses for you eyes, i think the mask is good enough in walking through public areas

    3. “lose millions of trillions”

      stopped reading right there. the “deep state” part was already ridiculous, but the fact that you do not understand numbers just sealed the deal.

    1. In CogNito How is that? Please explain that little kid. Only republicans are communists and only want to build up the military. But please explain what you mean.

    1. As well as fantastic films about mass infections and “zombies” – the virus is transmitted immediately after infection, even during the incubation period, through handrails in transport, banknotes, door handles, etc. In the Chinese province of Wuhan, where the virus came from, a biological laboratory was built two years ago, apparently something got out of control, and now everything was written off as wild animals. Russian-language resource with reference to the Chinese Agency “Xinhua” January 18, 2018: “Beijing, January 5 /Xinhua/ – China opened in Wuhan, the administrative center of Hubei province /Central China/ the country’s first fourth-level laboratory for biological safety, aimed at conducting experiments with highly pathogenic microorganisms. This was reported to the Xinhua news Agency by the national health Agency.
      Wuhan national laboratory of the fourth level of biological safety at the Academy of Sciences of China was established as part of the Chinese-French cooperation in the field of prevention and treatment of new infectious diseases, the representative of the scientific, technical and educational Department of the state Committee for health and planned parenthood of the PRC informed.
      The maximum isolation level four biosecurity laboratory is designed to work with the most dangerous microorganisms, including the Ebola virus.
      According to experts, the opening of the Wuhan laboratory will allow the country to increase its preventive capacity against viral diseases and improve control over the foci of their occurrence. https://news.rambler.ru/asia/38826465-kitay-otkryl-pervuyu-v-strane-laboratoriyu-chetvertogo-urovnya-po-biologicheskoy-bezopasnosti/

    1. @A Chicken Patriots defend their country for free and intelligent people save their money so they don’t have to sell all of their time to others…

    2. Hate Marxists nice job disparaging and degrading active duty service men and women, who i’m sure you love and support. but anyways, i’m asking because i see you on countless yt videos reply to peoples comments. although some of your responses are coherent to the comment you replied to, a lot of it is nonsensical and vaguely related to the initial comment. and all that makes me wonder whether you’re really “defending” your country or being divisive by spreading bigotry

    1. @TheCyBorgeALT they teach it to you so that you have no answers. The book ends in hopelessness. Don’t be fooled by it.

    1. Hmm if I saw a drone following me I would use if for target practice with my bb gun or ram into it with one of my cheap drones because a drone can take down another drone

  1. the drones have taken a break from killing civilians and the robot uprising to warn us of a biological virus we let out

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