Watch: Democratic National Convention: Day 4 | MSNBC

Coverage of the Democratic National Convention, including speeches from Sen. Cory Booker, Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Andrew Yang and Vice President Joe Biden.

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Live stream: Democratic National Convention (Night 4)


    1. cory f I am so sorry for your friends and everyone else who is going through this nightmare. I lost my house in afire, I understand how bad it feels. You are empty and lost.You don’t have a home anymore

    1. @Bud Fudlacker What about her. In case you need a refresher, I found this article from POLITICO:
      What does your reply of “Tara Reade!” really even mean. At this point, after going back and reading the article, it is difficult to make a decision believing that Biden would have done what she accuses. It is completely out of character for Biden to even think of doing such a thing, and against a persons wishes even less believable at this point. Biden doesn’t hide his feelings, nor does he act like a GOP. They like twisting things just to induce doubt.

  1. I am a Singaporean. My culture is very different from American culture. I learnt from Americans that people can talk open even vigorously with passion about topics and still maintain friendship and relationship. I learnt to accept and practice this American culture for it is good. Now, I see Americans no longer holds to this goodness. Divided over ideology, no one in general wants to sit and talk (thankfully, a small minority does from time to time). Everyone has their presuppositions which is unavoidable but what is terrible is that no one is interested to listen and learn from the other side. Both sides are poorer for it and contribute to the divide. America has great potentials. Potentials and realising potentials as realities are not the same. Unless Americans unite … the rest of the world will overtake them. Then it does not matter which side you are on. All are in a sinking boat. Wake up. Listen, learn and grow as your ancestors did … before it is too late. In the past, America has been a blessing to the world. Now I pray that you will be a blessing to one another in America.
    Love from Singapore, Andrew

    1. Jjjjjhhjjjhj jjhhhhjhhhhhhhhhjhjhjjhjhhhhhjhhjjjhhjhhhhhhhhjhh

    1. It won’t happen. Joe will be hidden in the basement till Nov 3rd. Slow Joe still thinks that he is running for senate. If he can make it up to the podium by himself, the media will claim that he did an incredible job. He claimed that half the population of the US died from gun violence during one of the interview…C’mon man, you can’t put him on stage by himself.

    2. Liz Trump doesn’t back down from anyone, it’s Biden who is the one who will try to squirm out of the Debates.

  2. Wow. You guys nailed it! I’ve always been a fan of Joe’s but I learned so much these past 4 nights.

    And Brayden in NH thank you for sharing your story. You are a really great kid, on your way to becoming a great adult!

    Vote November 3rd!

    1. Paul Sorensen and I’m going to vote for the Party that Supported Slavery since 1828, Started the Civil War, and Established the KKK. Oh and we can’t forget the Party that’s trying to erase History, “The Democratic Party” you got my vote for Creepy Sleepy Joe…..
      On the other hand I think I’ll stick with the Party that Freed the Slaves, The Republican Party…..🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020👍🏼”Making Demorats Cry 😢 4 More Years”😭

    2. Digit Pad your spot on and those Bozo’s supported slavery since 1828, started the Civil War (which they’re trying to start again), and they established the KKK. The Democratic Party is in the history books supporting all this Racism and they try to erase history and blame their short comings on the Republican Party. I can’t wait to see the Liberal Tears Flow😭again this November 3rd. TRUMP 2020👍🏼🇺🇸😎

    1. We’ve invented have thousands of alphabets, languages, nations and religions on this tiny planet.
      One earth, one life, one humanity and one truth. now divided only by lies made of mere words being enforced on the defenders of life by crusading military dictatorships that do not deserve to be saluted and worshiped..

  3. Just as we get close to a living wage everything goes up in price. That is stagnant to getting ahead for most people.

    1. ANYBODY who can convince the average American consumer to pay $50.00 for A (as in One) pillow is getting over pretty good. I’ve never paid more than $10.00 for a pillow and have been glad of it

  4. My favorite quote by Jimi Hendrix “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

    1. Yep, Brown Asian Trump supporter over here. NOT RACIST so destroys your narrative. Love the RNC dislike the dumb comments trying to shame people about social distancing when you allow rioting and looting without social distancing. People see you for the hypocrites you are and will vote Trump 2020.

  5. I have a legitimate question that I hope engenders a legitimate response: When a person commits a crime, they are said to owe a debt to society. Fair enough. My question is that when the criminal has paid this debt and is returned to society, why isn’t the right to vote restored to him as well?
    It seems to me that one sure way to get this person involved with the community into which they have been restored is to include the right to vote. This should be automatic with the completion of parole.
    To me, if every vote counts, then shouldn’t every vote be counted?

    1. I believe voting rights should be restored to felons. Actually, I don’t see why they should be taken in the first place, unless one is a traitor.

    2. Also I would like to add that if someone commits a crime and complete there debt. That should be the end of that mistake. I have seen so many people who never get a fair shake after that in society so they can never rise up because of the need for justice reform. The system is rigged to fill up private prisons. Unfortunately they make sure they do everything they can to hinder you from succeeding to have return customer support for the program. I know very well it’s true because I knew at a young age by what I saw and that’s what has been happening. Having a impact on my childhood at home brought awareness of just have massage it was. I thought if you do something you shouldn’t you would be punished. But after you finished your punishment you moved on. And as long as you were good you wouldn’t get punished anymore. I’m so happy to be hear to see the change that I thought would never come. But it’s finally here. God bless America. And the Patriots who protects our Domacricy and our country. 2020 we will unite as one for our country and We the people will move forward together. It has only just begun. The truth of the matter is We the people have the power. Biden 2020. Time to remove the swamps monsters. Red blue or even you Please hear her cry and defend her from the threat she faces today our Democracy. Stay safe see you on the other side 🙂

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