Watch: Full MSNBC & Washington Post Democratic Debate - November 20, 2019 | MSNBC 1

Watch: Full MSNBC & Washington Post Democratic Debate – November 20, 2019 | MSNBC


Ten Democratic candidates took the stage in Atlanta, Ga. sparring on major issues during the MSNBC/Washington Post Democratic Debate. Aired on 11/21/19.
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Watch: Full MSNBC & Washington Post Democratic Debate – November 20, 2019 | MSNBC


  1. 31:45 look how Andrew Yang leads, he listens to everyone else speak before he speaks. Instead of arguing with the other candidates (the ladies, no offense) he compliments the man next to him for what he’s doing right not only for America but the world. Bernie did well in this debate, bringing the facts. Wake up America #Yang Gang!

    1. @B Mov Dude you’re a moron. He’s literally the most human candidate there and literally wants to help EVERYONE at the ground level. Has the most policies, and cares about women and believes they do the hardest work.

    2. @Justin Gauthier It’s obvious that automation is a serious threat in the near future. It’s actually more appalling that more politicians aren’t talking more about this issue. Yang doesn’t claim to have the solution for automation, but his UBI is a good place to start, as it will help people who lose their jobs.

      On a side note, it is currently very difficult to find a clear solution to automation. You want people to keep working in the economy, but you also don’t want to stunt technological advancement.

    3. Justin Gauthier
      His freedom dividend is the solution from automation, taxing the biggest winners like amazon, Uber, google to fund that freedom dividend. With all the aoitomation happening we are going to need less people and if we have no jobs how are we going to pay for anything? All the jobs in call center workers, truck drivers, any cashier, prep cooks, anything repetitive is at stake. Have you seen the machine that makes a burger by itself? It’s only a matter of time.

  2. Bernie said during an interview with Joe Rogan that these debates are basically a monkey show (or something to that regard) and I have to agree. There’s no discussion of substance in these debates, no real debate at all really. It’s incredibly frustrating to never get to hear the candidate you support really get to dig into the details of there positions, or attack the weakness of their opponents.

    1. @NPC 07640 For an NPC meme user, you people sure use the same talking points time and time again. Bernie, Yang, and Tulsi are now deep state too? Okay dood.

    2. True, the absolute main reason for that is because issue2issue (whether or not you don’t like DJT personally) the Left gets killed similarly to the New England Patriots going against a HS team, a bad HS team at that! Reality——-

  3. Andrew Yang on Don Lemon Interview:
    “The more we focus on Donald Trump even if it’s in the context of impeaching Donald Trump,
    it’s lost opportunity for us to present a new positive vision that Americans can get excited about.”

    MSNBC Opening Question: “Donald Trump Impeachment” =Fail

    1. @Aaron Flynn Truth. In all the impeachment flurry going on _I_ forgot and I was looking _forward_ to this debate. Just remembered it this morning.

    2. I was hoping Tulsi would debate trump. I’ll vote trump but tulsi would be awesome for him to debate. She could win but the democrats are being stupid. If they want a chance, tulsi or yang. #betterthanbidenorwarren

  4. Biden looks like a confused grandpa that can’t remember where he’s at on Thanksgiving and just wants to get back to watch wheel of fortune at his nursing home.

    1. He did bring up job one for humanity. Fact he is there means they know we care about climate change and infrastructure. But yeah he can mean more of the same: we have so many empty buildings we can solve the crisis overnight, literally, if we opened up our hearts and minds. When people are housed they have more dignity.

  5. Why is MSNBC so biased against Andrew Yang? Consistently giving him less debate speaking time, leaving him of polling graphics. MSNBC, you have become the opponents of democracy by trying to control who wins and who loses.

    1. @Dee Blan Trump is the most biased, lying, immoral, unethical POTUS in history. He does NOT get to call anyone biased. His problem is that they are reporting the truth about him therefore they are the enemy of the people. We have a free press….sometimes they get it wrong….far less than Trump & his minions like FoxNews, Breitbart, Infowars, Drudge & other right wing, Trump supporting sites. Trump has never been right about anything.

    2. Because the Democratic party is a machine. Just like they railroaded Bernie Sanders in 2016 cuz he wasn’t their guy. I like Andrew Yang a lot. I don’t think the Democratic Party is going to choose him, and that sucks.

    1. Give Biden a break. He just became a grandfather again thanks to Hunter. Way to go Hunter. What an upstanding and honorable citizen.

    2. @scottjamescouper give him a break?? He’s running for the highest seat in the world, so NO I will not give him a break!

    1. @Kimberly Charters and it’s funny that you think because people don’t know her….it’s because of the media. How about they should be well informed of who is running in the democratic party if they are democrats….it’s not the medias job to do that. It’s my job to know who is running and to fund out which has the best policies FOR ME. how is that the fault of the media? I’m sorry your comment is just asinine.

    2. @Steffly36 I don’t blame the media for everything. Anyone that is honest has to admit that all of the media is biased whether it is Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc. It is a fact. Once I informed the people about Tulsi they listened to her. They researched her background and what she stands for. Some like her and some don’t. They agree with me that the Democratic party and the media do not like her. My family has several members in the military and I would say 99% of us respect Tulsi. We would trust her to make a very informed decision before sending any military personnel into harms way.

    3. @thecrazyyyonee I was gonna agree however childcare and the costs is a very real passionate issue for ALOT of americans. It was a great question.

  6. #MSNBC tried very hard to bring Andrew Yang down with full force but he kicked them out like a football. Loved it.
    Andrew Yang is amazingly switched on, futuristic and smart person. I have huge respect for this guy. The more I think about his UBI AKA Freedom Divident the 100% more it make sense.

    UBI absolutely work well because of the following reasons:
    – Less struggle for American people with every day life because they will have some money to spend on such as; food (this is big thing as we need food to survive), bills, repair stuff, rent, mortgage etc.
    – People can choose a better quality food that results in better health.
    – When people got money they are highly unlikely to commit crimes such as; rob or steal from the bank, shop or other people, so less crime straight away, better community; big achievement for the government, they save billions.
    – People most likely to use UBI in positive way such as starting a small business or readmission in college or University: smart people.
    – When people have at least little money to cover their bill they are less likely to fall in depression, anxiety or feeling suicidal because of the pressure of every day life. As a result people are most ikely to choose a better life style and avoid drugs and alcohol addiction which is a huge issue in America, again healthy people and the government will save billions.
    – Less crime means: less gun crimes, less murder, less rob or stealing, less knife crime, less drugs and less fear for the American people. Our children can go to school with no fear, better environment for them, parents and the teachers, very important.

    That $1000 every month will re-circulate in country’s economy. Stronger economy;
    happy Americans; happy America.

    Yang’s have other policies that are very strong too.

    Vote for Andrew Yang 2020.

  7. MSNBC stop being bias against Andrew yang he’s polling 5th nationally according to the newest Emerson poll !!

    1. @John Prescott i agree just pointing out kerry didnt do so well. I hope Yang wins i would have to rethink Trump

    2. @scottjamescouper First off I want to say thank you for being engaged in politics and caring about what happens to the country! I really do believe that you would stand by what Andrew Yang says after doing a little bit of research on him. I can see that your biggest concern about him is his low rankings in the poll. However, I believe that the polls do not always tell the full story. Donald Trump polled at very low numbers yet he got the Republican Ticket. Furthermore, he was projected to lose and currently he is our President. If the YangGang does their job and great people like you spread the word he can jump in the polls!

    1. @Alt F4 Why do trailer trashies think anything that would benefit them is socialism lmfaoo. Licking the boots of a lot of billionaires lol

  8. Gotta love AndrewYang laughing out loud at the idiocy of that “lock him up” ‘non-question’ RachelMaddow tried & failed 2 smear Bernie with.

    1. I cant decide if that was the worst question or Andrew’s question about the phone call with Russia. MSNBC is garbage

    1. Miami D who said he didn’t speak? Of course he did! Watch it again. BTW what he had to say was awesome! Go Yang!

  9. You guys did a terrible job moderating. And Rachel Maddow is just slightly worst than your whole network, which is pretty crap to begin with

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