Watch Health Canada’s announcement on approving the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

The first one-shot COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson has been authorized by Health Canada, making it the fourth vaccine that can be administered to Canadians.

Health Canada is now the first major regulator to have approved four different COVID-19 vaccines for use, said chief medical adviser at Health Canada Dr. Supriya Sharma during a briefing announcing the approval.

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    1. Bells palsy, blood disease, heart attack, seizures, death…or maybe later on develop an autoimmune condition?

    1. @Happy Corona-Virus maby you can’t tell the difference between men and women anymore but I can.

  1. imagine trusting j and j after the millions of dollars in lawsuits they have from cancer causing products like baby powder lol AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAAHHAHAAHHAHAAHAH

  2. 2 of my aunt died two weeks after their annual medical check up , before going to the hospital they were just fine😡

  3. It’s actually Justin and Justin….listen closer. Naturally, it is only available in a suppository.

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