Watch: Here's how to take a rapid COVID-19 test 1

Watch: Here’s how to take a rapid COVID-19 test


CTV's Stephanie Thomas walks you through the process of doing a COVID-19 test and gets the results by the end of the newscast.

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    1. @Taya It’s a lateral flow test aka rapid antigen test not a genome test like the PCR test. It only looks for specific protein markers. You conspiracy theorists are really getting ridiculous.

    1. @Rose yeah, it’s a rapid test. I tested it out at work one day. I took 4 and got 2 negatives and 2 positives. Pcr tests are about 70 to 80 percent.

  1. Well with omicron spreading like wild fire. It doesn’t matter at this point. We all about to get omicron.

    1. @flowerdiva18 next year we will probably have the Megatron varient come and be 10x more transmissible with severe symptoms.

  2. Step one: Take rapid test.
    Step two: Throw it to the nearest garbage bin.
    Step three: Continue living your life normally. (Not “new normal”).

    1. Oh, you don’t sound like you are scared yet … or not as scared as they want you to be. They will send a few more variants next year then. Hahaha

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