Watch: House Speaker vote

Opponents to Rep. Kevin McCarthy as a possible House speaker appear to be sticking to their efforts to deny him the role, as the Republican infighting casts a shadow over the Congressional term that kicks off on Tuesday with a new Republican majority.

Nor is that the only possible source of conflict, with GOP Rep.-elect George Santos of New York under investigation on multiple fronts after admitting to lies about everything from his education to his ancestry to his professional background.

The first official act of the House – before new members are sworn in – will be to select the speaker. McCarthy, R-Calif., is the likely successor to Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

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    1. Sweet sarcasm. Otherwise, I would love to know what you smoke to conveniently disconnect from reality. I’ll try anything once!

    2. @juliotorres3618  No sarcasm at all. I figure republicans hate him and democrats hate him. Wouldn’t it be great to watch them all suffer by having to listen to Trump with the gavel. It would be glorious.

    1. They both are bad! Why haven’t they been arrested for the work on causing Jan 6th as well as the rest of the repub party?

  1. The republican party. Died January 6th and today was the the republican party funeral. I think it is done and gone.

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