Watch Katie Telford’s opening statement | Canada’s election security

Katie Telford, chief of staff to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, gave an opening statement before her testimony before a parliamentary committee.

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  1. Here is the outcome of all this, David Johnson will harshly criticize Trudeau, find the holes of the exploitation and give the recommendations on how to provide the necessary security to protect Canada’s election system. Ultimately finding Trudeau with no wrong doing. (as always)

  2. Remember former conservate minister max bernier ” forgetting” secret documents at his biker gang affiliated gf’s house ? Ms. Telford demonstrates how to be a professional, just like former conservative gov. General David Johnson. Don’t forget, an opponent can gain your respect, when they are exemplify professionalism.

    1. Then why did she refuse to talk until the entire board of the Pierre Trudeau foundation resigned?

  3. Is she accepting an award for most despicable, or is it an inquiry? Her allocution is unwarranted, ,obstructionist, and frankly a way of delaying. Classic Liberals, in love with their own voices!

  4. She is exactly like her boss! Incapable of telling the truth! What a F in shame! Our political and Justice system sucks! This is an absolute disgrace!

  5. “there is a rigorous vetting process to obtain top secret clearance….” – Apparently not since Trudeau has been vetted.

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