Watch: King Charles III coronation coverage

Britain's King Charles III will ride in two coaches built more than two centuries apart as part of the coronation ceremonies planned for May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London.

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The procession will be more streamlined than his mother's in 1953. The ceremony will be "rooted in long-standing traditions" but "reflect the monarch's role today and look towards the future," according to a statement from Buckingham Palace. Charles will break the tradition of using the Gold State Coach in the procession known as the King's Procession, which travels from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.

Charles and Queen Consort Camilla will instead ride in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach, built to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Elizabeth II's reign in 2012. Their return to Buckingham Palace, called the Coronation Procession, will be in the Gold State Coach.

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