Watch live: Alex Murdaugh murder trial continues in South Carolina on Thursday | USA TODAY

Richard "Alex" Murdaugh faces a jury in Colleton County, South Carolina charged with killing his wife and son Maggie and Paul Murdaugh.

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One of the most high-profile true crime cases in recent history is playing out in a South Carolina courtroom. Testimony is underway in the double murder trial of disbarred attorney Richard "Alex" Murdaugh, who is charged with killing his wife and son.

Murdaugh, part of a South Carolina legal dynasty, was charged with murder in connection to the 2021 shooting deaths of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul. Murdaugh has pleaded not guilty. After the shootings in June 2021, police launched investigations into two other deaths connected to Murdaugh and alleged criminal acts dating back more than a decade.

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  1. Where is the other suspect? This man is very intelligent obviously to get away with son & wife’s death!

  2. And why isn’t the Defense Attorney Griffin say there’s still a killer walking around Free as we speak?

    1. No other person was there. If someone had sneaked up on Paul, he would have heard them. Paul was an avid hunter. Dogs always bark when strangers appear. These dogs were calm.

  3. the Lawler sitting on the prosecution side CAN NOT SIT STILL. Hes making faces the jury can see , hes writing something down all the time. He needs to sit still and quit all the faces, flipping his glasses up and down, patting the lawler next to him on his shoulder. He can not sit still and it could cause the jury to see him doing these things to make the right or wrong vertices. He needs to quit making these faces and I hope the judge sees where hes trying to sway the jury

  4. now hes doing fake coughing and taking drinks of water, making faces. Hes getting on my nerves. Why wont the judge make him stop straighting papers, rubbing his head, flipping his glasses, Hes trying to get the jury to notice him making facing when he doesn’t agree with the defense closing arguments. If I can see it everyone else can see it

    1. You don’t have to watch him if he gets on your nerves. He probably did the crime but it doesn’t make him less than a great lawyer. It especially shows how he’s so intend on everything that’s being said. He’s a super presentable man as well and all in all I can believe that he was a really likeable man. Have mercy on other human beings and if your are not able to handle this man that has been poised all during this trail you might want to watch something more relaxing.


  5. Now the other lawler is shaking his heads agreeing with the defense arguments. Is that right to do that in front of the jury,. theyre looiing at each other smiling and laughing at defense. ITS NOT RIGHT TO PLAY WITH NOT ONLY THE DECEASED BUT FOR THE MAN WHO INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

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  7. Life in prison without a possibility of parole!!! He’s guilty and very dangerous. This man is a danger to society

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