Watch live: Nashville school shooting press conference held

A suspected shooter was dead and multiple people were injured in a shooting at a private Christian elementary school in Nashville early Monday, Nashville police and fire officials said.

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Officers "engaged" an active shooter at the Covenant School, a pre-kindergarten through grade six private school, and the shooter is dead, Nashville police said on Twitter. There are "multiple patients," the Nashville Fire Department wrote.

Special agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were on the scene. "Our thoughts are with the families of this school community," Tennessee Rep. John Ray Clemmons said on Twitter. "Praying that all the children are safe."

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  1. This shooting was made possible by the GOP! Tennessee is 42nd in Crime & Corrections ranking. Tennessee is a permit-less carry state.

  2. Jose Biden is running a way very smart president hopefully I’ll do one more term I’ll get gun to protect me and my family

  3. по всему миру такое происходит к сожалению, дофаминовая система и система гормонов людей на пределе ((((

  4. praise for cops not cowarding this time and requests for empty prayers😡lets go ahead and just make the AR15 the national rifle like Republicans want simce we dont care about this happening over and over again.

    1. That’s what the officer said in this video, but the shooter sure did look like a biological female, and her mother referred to her as her daughter.

    1. I cannot process this ~ the Families still.must take of certain things to even grieve ~ having trouble with this one ~ sorry to bother you ~ 🤲🕊️

  5. im an hour into this story and i stilll dont know if the shooter was a bio male or bio female. Can someone tell me? The police chief says “SHE identified as transgender.” lolololol WHAT DOES THAT MEAN THESE DAYS? born male or born female? … does anyone know?

  6. Out here on the West Coast ~ 😭🙏🤲 ~ Cannot Fathom Today’s Tragic Event ~ What This Police Chief Says Will Be A Wall Upon Which To Rest My Strength ~ Calmly Addressing ~ Calmly ~ His calmness will be my in thoughts tonight ~ 🙏

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