Watch Live With Analysis: Republican National Convention Day 2 | MSNBC

Watch live coverage of the Republican National Convention as President Donald Trump is officially nominated as the party's candidate for president.

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Watch Live With Analysis: Republican National Convention Day 2 | MSNBC


  1. Three criminal referrals to the Justice Department from the Senate Intelligence Committee on Russian interference in April. Don Jr., Eric Prince, and Steve Bannon. All for lying to congress. What happened to those referrals? Barr pulled the head of the D.C. district and installed his lacky.

  2. 1000 cows is actually huge. That’d be a XXL farm in Australia, at the far side of the bell curve, but in the US, it’s on the small side, with corporate mega dairies having 15,000 milkers.

    The issue is corporate takeovers. Capitalism’s excesses.

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  4. Extra ordinary😂😂😂 you meant extraordinary, it goes together Melania and im sorry you’re a hostage and are scared. You’ll be free soon 🙌

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  5. Was so concerned that the MSM pushing one lye after another for there Democratic friends and the Hollywood elite. Blahaha. now I see that they actually saved us. They helped the Democrats dig themselves into such a huge hole there is no way out. Completely erouding all credibility. They have burnt themselves to the ground.

    Thank you MSN BS

    Good does conquer evil

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    1. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping, then the poor stay poor by spending like rich yet not investing like the rich.

  7. Ah, watching technocracy shills at MSNBC lose their minds is glorious. See them scramble and deflect immediately after Pam Bondi speaks. NOTICE THAT ALL THEY DO IS WHINE AND DEFLECT.

  8. after almost 4 years your team of wind bags got it wrong. all documented. not a word about the riots costing lives, business’s, jobs and livelihoods. #walkaway. I did

  9. Joes Biden what have you done for your
    Country for 47 years you have been in
    Government? Beside taking money from Chinese

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