Watch Marianne Williamson's interview with Anderson Cooper 1

Watch Marianne Williamson’s interview with Anderson Cooper


CNN's Anderson Cooper sits down with presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson after the first night of the CNN Democratic primary debate.

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  1. It’s honestly BS, these comments and negligence to her.

    I thought she was a little nutty the first debate. This debate she worded her argument clearly and she has an amazing message. Jimmy Carter won with it! Damn quit being so judgemental when she made some very honest points.

  2. Marianne Williamson is a intelligent, thoughtful, and articulate human being. And she can laugh at her own humanity. What a contrast to Drumpf.

    1. Andrew Higdon WOW, accusing half the country of being illiterate. Real mature of you. Of course, I can’t really expect much from communist sympathizing traitors.

  3. She called it. And was quite accurate, Imo. Psychological therapy for Trump will not work. That plea bargain is gone.

  4. She definitely got my attention! She did great tonight. Wow. She better be in the next debate.

    1. Please donate. She needs about 40K more individual donors to meet DNC requirements. It’s not about how much money but how many individual donors she gets.

    1. @LX UAE’s because they set the policy proposals, all the moderates haven’t proposed policies for anything, they’ve only demonstrated what they’re against.

  5. Marieann did a eulogy for an old boss of mine and I know her heart is in the right place for these times

    1. Marianne is connected to spirit and speaks profound prayers. She has documented many in her books.

    2. Your heart can be in the right place for any career. You have to have a lot more than that to run a country successfully.

  6. Wow, I have always liked Marriane but she is out shinning tonight. Im leaning more and more her wsy!

    1. She wants reparations WITH INTEREST. Of course somebody named ‘Tanya’ would be in support of that. 100 Billion dollars reparations! The republicans only asked for 5 billion for the wall!

  7. Marianne is absolutely correct about our fascist economic policies.

    “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.” 
    ― Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    Citizens United must be overturned. It represents the biggest crime ever perpetrated on the American people. It was created by republicans and powerful corporations, for the sole purpose of finally controlling our government for their own financial gains, all while undermining the will of the people.

    1. “In this respect England exhibits the most remarkable phenomenon in the Universe in the contrast between the profligacy of its Government and the probity of its Citizens, and accordingly it is now exhibiting an example of the truth of the maxim that virtue and interest are inseparable. It ends, as might have been expected, in the ruin of its people, but this ruin will fall heaviest, as it ought to fall on the hereditary aristocracy which has for generations been preparing for this catastrophe. I hope we shall take warning from the example and crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed Corporations which dare already to a challenge our Government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country”. Thomas Jefferson WARNED us, nobody listened, and now they OWN our Government.

    2. @Richie Tattersall – do you know – Im an author, I just read your comment and thought MY GOD THAT IS A GOOD PIECE OF WRITING – and then was unsurprised to see it was Jefferson…….. I did not know this writing – it is INCREDIBLY prophetic

    3. The whole “credit” home owner system is institutional racism operating to it’s core! What segment of the population may have the worst credit histories? Blacks, why? Generational poverty! Even if a Black or Brown family has come out of poverty they may be in debt to the hilt and after a few late payments they’ll be homeless. The book “The True Face of God,” talks about a world where people will work because they WANT to, not because they’ll be homeless. Having a home and food at the very least are a right all human beings should have!!! I don’t see how people in my town can see the homeless & drive right by!! At one of the Center’s for Spiritual Living, I was introduced to Marianne. Before that, I used to say “I want someone who has the same values I have & believe in metaphysics to run for president!” I”m so glad Marianne’s there to speak truth to power!!! If not in 2020 then 2024!!

  8. Go forth, Marianne. The world needs your voice. I’ve loved you since your book: “Illuminata.”

  9. You can only defeat one outsider with another outsider. This lady has almost got me off of the Trump train, I’m listening.

    1. What makes you think Trump is an outsider? He may not have ever held a position, but he’s surrounded himself with politicians and gave money to them.

  10. She is nailing so much of what people are afraid to talk about and it’s ironic because the people who support Jesus voted for trump when their candidate is right here. HUMANITY. ONENESS.

    1. those ppl aren’t really supporting jesus… they’re using Jesus & chrisianity to justify & enforce teir HATRED..bigotry…racism… they’re all CLUELESS bout what they’re preaching…
      i dunno bout jesus…but I’d go with what The Beatles preached & tried to spread… LOVE.

    2. @HappyListener50 I will agree with you to some level, but there is also the people who, like myself, don’t need to call myself anything, and still live a just fair and supportive life to myself and for ALL. The problem is labels and who is or isn’t something based on that label. Being good and kind is not specific to religion, Christians or catholics or anyone for that matter.

  11. I like her. She’s right. If you can harness hate for politics, you can harness love for a political moral uprising. She’s needed in the debates. She is fighting for the soul of our country.

    1. Dewey Baugh,

      Very well said . . . your Perceptions and Resulting Conclusions appear to be Right On.

      Be Well

    2. @Your Boy try feeling a little more deeply. It’s easy to ridicule and distort what is actually being said.

  12. I like this lady!!! She’s a needed, fresh, genuine voice in the Democratic spectrum. I hope she begins to climb in the polls after tonight’s breakthrough performance. As a PoC I’m so thankful for her bringing attention to not only 250 years of slavery in America but an additional 100 years black Americans have suffered of domestic terrorism right here in America. Go Marianne!

  13. she seems the complete opposite of trump, a educated and well spoken individual motivated by positivity instead of a bitter uneducated man-child motivated by negativity

    1. Well spoken is what fools you people. Oh im going to do thisand that and this and that and this and that!!!!!!! Gets you guys excited, gets in office just to do absolutely nothing different and or maybe 5% max of what they said they were going to do. How about you tell me how many times we’ve gotten politicians who just sound so great in speaking education and cares about the country and it’s citizens? Literally everytime there’s a running. Yeah it all sounds great but you guys need to undergo to not get your hopes up for politicians. I say that because they always say they’re going to change it yet they never do. But will say anything to get in office.

    2. @Jim Balogna So in other words an opinion in your mind is the same as being a man-child as well because you disagree with his comment. You are obviously a Trump supporter unable to handle dissent. We have documented proof that Trump is NOT psychologically mature enough for the position he now occupies.

    1. @Debate Me!
      Also how do you get relative experience to do the job as President ? Is there a Democratic training program ? Maybe a college course ? Where on this earth would 1 get the relative experience?

    2. @jkieck73
      I disagree , President Trump has every right as a citizen of USA ! He was voted in by a Democratic Republic ( i guess we should all know how our government works !we are democratic republic , not a democracy) so he has every right !

  14. It’s rude for AC to ask her who she politically supports. Very dismissive. You are interviewing a candidate!!

    1. Left Coast Gal because she did not tow the CNN-Democrat’s party line. You go outside what the tag team is pushing and you will get stomped. AC was interviewing her to quietly pushing that point home to her.

    2. She endorsed Bernie in 2016, she’s not likely to win, but who she endorses will be important, not shade on her, I hope she gets into someones administration as moral advisor

  15. From 1:28 to 1:35 Marianne is just so cute! If I had to adjust her mic… I couldn’t handle it. She’s so enchanting. More than that she’s kind and thoughtful and my #1.

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