1. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money to secure a bright and well future for our kids 💯

    1. I have been researching all these while for a digital asset investment and I found Bitcoin to be the most profiting of them all I’m definitely bouncing on the opportunity thank you so much

    2. Investing for today is priceless because tomorow isn’t promised, trading Bitcoin,gold, silver and crypto secure a better tomorow

  2. I got a great idea !! Let’s impose a private jet fuel tax of 400%, and a wealth tax of 1% of all worldwide assets value per year per individual worth more than $15,000,000 (ownership directly or indirectly, through trusts or otherwise), and fully subsidize every farmer so that they make no less than $100 of profit per hour after all expenses if they work full time. Then, they can cut fertilizers by 50% and keep all of their lands.

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