Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 2 | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 2 | MSNBC

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  1. McCarthy has proven he is too stupid by both trying to get a laugh suggesting hitting Pelosi with a gavel and inferring that he would be the new Speaker.

    1. @Dorothy Gale ….and Joe Biden has given the United States a new mascot instead of a strong bold eagle, now it’s big buzzard

    2. @Lily Jade yeah I guess it would be easier if he was a democratic speaker, that way no one would have to ask anything else

    3. @Lily Jade you have to be charged as an insurection first, all the ppl prisoners has yet to be charged with anything but trespassing, get your investigation into the capitol hill then tell us again

    1. I have no more sympathy for these selfish 1/2 wits, than if they chose not to wear a seatbelt, and became quadriplegic. Listen to a doctor, NOT a failed realtor.

    2. @Mr MarkI feel very sorry for you if you are unable to feel sympathy for another just because of their decision making. Psychopathy is still a mental illness we have so much to learn about. I hope they find a successful treatment for you. Xoxox

  2. What trips me out is that these adults ALL had to get vaccinated to go to school….why are you depriving your children of protection????
    Thank you God people are coming to their senses.

    1. @Lynne Bucher LOL. There was a supreme court case over the Small Pox vax. The court ruled the man had to pay a “reasonable” fine. You can’t force vax mandates!

    2. So, sad to see a Husband and Wife die together, any family member. Please, wear a mask if you are vaccinated or just get vaccinated-SAVE the Children.

    3. @Klaus World you mean this SCOTUS case over small pox?
      Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the _Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws_. The Court’s decision articulated the view that individual liberty is not absolute and is subject to the police power of the state.

    4. Small pox and polio is more serious than a virus with 1.6% mortality rate, and 93% of those having contributing factors. The herds of consumers browbeating others with virtue signaling is disappointing.

    5. Absolutely. No vaccination? Then no public school.. Period. That’s the way it’s always been in my lifetime.

  3. dis belief in the government serves russia in the decades long attack on democracy.
    serves putin perfectly, just like everything doofus does and did.

  4. We’ve got to quit fighting among ourselves that just makes things worse if you can’t get the shot because of medical issues ok but please wear a mask and safe distance yourself

    1. exactly. Have you ever seen such ”stupid’? Just because they’re king didn’t win. And they believe him, when he got the vaccine..Fools………..Fools

  5. When You Won’t Take A Basic Precaution to preserve your own life, it’s Nature Calling the Troglodytes to the cull. The Very Stupid are FINALLY starting to die off.

    1. @J. Wright no, i simply turned up for each of my appointments. I am not an american, i do not live in your country and i am gobsmacked that so many of your population refuse to vaccinate yet want trump to have the CREDIT for that vaccine, it is certainly my observation that many or even most of those are right wing…or at least trumpers, ergo, if you are vaccinated you are most likely a trumper

  6. We need to stop paying for hospitalizations since 98% of hospitalizations are there BY CHOICE. I don’t want to pay for your double-lung transplant either.

    1. You anit paid nothing, You don’t even pay Your own hospital bills, your state funded Medicaid and welfare pays your bills

  7. Get your jab. Wear your mask. Delta is a game changer. Hits harder spreads faster. Every case has a chance of making new varraint. If delta is a game changer. Lambda could be a game ender. Yes there are currently 9 strains…

    1. Lambda variant is reportedly not nearly as bad as the delta variant. So, how would it be a game ender?

  8. How is this even an argument in America? The majority of countries in the world are crying out for vaccines

    1. Trump. That’s the reason. He downplayed it and the toothless brainless herd believed him. Regardless of all the crap he spouted before.

  9. That the cases are rising again while we literally have countless doses of this vaccine available to everybody is astronomically stupid. I thought our national embarrassment would end with Trump leaving office. I was wrong.

    1. I was literally just about to comment this. I mean what is with that? Deep down you know that irritates the s*** out of her. But yeah I like her she has a soothing voice and she’s a lot more personable. She’s definitely the better half.

  10. Churches afraid of losing members?
    Don’t they lose members when people die? That’s a certainty.

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