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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 9th | MSNBC


    1. @J Wright Quit letting reality get you so upset, it’s bad for your health. So you look UP intellectually to a moron who suggested injecting household disinfectants to cure covid, not everyone can have an IQ above 80.

  1. Just remember… EVEN if you read a comment that you agree with….it’s most likely a bot stoking the flames. Sure we have strong disagreements…but make no mistake..adversaries are working 24/7 so that we freaking hate each other.

    1. Yes, that is because we no longer have a COMMON FOE, such as Al Qaeda, or ISIS. Therefore, we are now fighting each other!

    2. It certainly didn’t help that we had a POTUS that enjoyed the division and chaos amongst ourselves.

    3. @B Bodziak There is a lot of blame to go around. When an empire collapses it’s comforting to think it’s all Darth Sideous in the shadows, but the truth is there are many reasons. Trump didn’t help much, but then neither did Obama and neither does the press. In fact if it weren’t for the hatred of republicans to feed on Morning Joe wouldn’t exist. There is no more of a partisan group in America than the American press corps

  2. I feel horrible for all the innocent civilian Afghan men, women and children—I can’t imagine the terror the people must be feeling, especially the women and girls!?!

    1. Saudi Arabian leadership, also our allies, is horrendous on civil rights as well. It is a nightmare. 😢

    2. Is this what we should expect from any Christian President who turns their back on our allies supposed to take 5 years

    1. We could have stayed 20 more years and the day we left the same thing would happen. But think of all the money some folks made

    2. Yes, the industrial, military complex has done very well financially.
      Unfortunately we had to shed blood of many of ours and theirs for little or no progress.

  3. We live in Ronald Reagan’s America! Can we make America great again, and go back to FDR’s America?

    1. Blame your covert ops using the proceeds from the poppy fields to finance their ops…. Just like when Reagan couldn’t remember, and Ollie fell on his sword…

  4. Let him go and argue with God, he has all the time to do that now. He’d rather die than take the vaccine? Well, Covid took him up on his vow. It’s all fun and games until it touches them personally.

  5. It’s really sad that the Afghans have failed in their efforts to make themselves Autonomous. The Taliban are from Mars in their Ruthless ways.

  6. What a marvelous time for the suicidals !! All they gotta do is wear a mask as little as they can get away with and avoid getting vaccinated !!!

  7. I suspect a lot of the men miss being all powerful over women and are not nearly as disappointed as the young girls that grew up with hope now dashed.

  8. It feels like for 20 years the Afghan govertments have relied on US & UK troops while paying lipservice to the training and organisation of their own Military. The US could have remained there another 20 years and the end result would be the same.

  9. After 20 years the Afghans should be able to fight their own battles, weren’t they trained by the US military??

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