Watch Morning Joe Highlights: June 28th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: June 28th | MSNBC


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  1. Two takeaways. 1) Republican’ts are WAAAY too sensitive. 2) NEVER signal your ultimate intentions to Republican’ts

    1. @Pradeep That could be done in private with those in Congress. Let the rest of us scream foul and then deliver. We’ll applaud then.

  2. Why are we expecting the do nothing republicans to actually get bridges, water supplies fixed?

    1. I know, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Life is getting dangerous and the US falls behind in infrastructure. The Republican Party is all about power and short term gain and have no willingness to do what needs done.

    2. Kamala Harris finally visits the border 93 days after being named immigration czar. 🤣

    3. You right Charlie, they don’t allow to distribute water for voters waiting 6 to 8 hours to cast theit ballot.And they call themselves Christians.Fake that is.

    4. @Conservative Interrupted
      And what purpose did it serve? The Republicans only went there for a photo op.

  3. Weaselburg and his employer are to face serious fraud charges; it’s good, it’s good.

    1. I’m waiting for the day it comes out exactly what trump has on Lindsey Graham, he cow towed too easily and trumps m.o. is extortion.

    1. @Julian Rivera Like I don’t what? I thought you lefties had a superior intellect lol. Try something coherent this time.

  4. isn’t it hilarious how rethuglicans are so willing to bundle things together when it suits them, but never the other way around

  5. “Barr is a RINO who really let down the people and was a disappointment in every sense of the word”. There goes Trump, projecting again.

  6. What’s this supposed to do? How will this put trump in jail… it just tries to do something without doing anything for vances legacy. Charge that criminal Trump.

  7. Barr himself is just BS….When he stood in front of the camera and substituted his own false summary for the summary of Mueller’s report, he lost all credibility. …Now, nothing Barr can say to recover from despicable act of doing dirty work for Don the Con.

    1. His law license should be revoked he should never be allowed to hold any government position ever again

    2. You socialists are hilarious. Mueller went out a disgraced old man. Did you even watch him testify? You lefties should have listened to him when he said he didn’t want to testify. He didn’t want to testify because it would show that he didn’t write his own report and that is exactly what happened lol.

  8. So the GOP had no problem defunding healthcare and passing tax cuts , but they cry when it comes to passing sweeping reforms and investing in human infrastructure? Pls, cry me a river

    1. @Jewan Moore being arrested is not equal to being guilty. I’d let that play out before making any judgement on that. Plenty of people are falsely arrested and some falsely convicted. Most plead guilty and take a deal as the easy way out financially.

    2. What do you call defunding, I had read via google of course that for years U.S. government spends more per capita on medical than Canadian government

    3. @Jewan Moore And where is your proof where is the article that he was arrested for burning something down you know when you say facts you need to back them up because otherwise they are not facts they are just hearsay propaganda heard from Fox News Newsmax or oANN

    4. @Jewan Moore Like Rethuglikkkans!! Or just the old right-wing racists and bigots!! I have never met a Democrat who was racist or bigoted Democrats want to do good for everyone Republicans just want to do good for themselves

    1. completely agree. many of these people have their own agenda and that is not always in the best interest of the AMERICAN taxpayer

    1. What perhaps progress of inflation or progress of climate poppycock or progress of racial division or progress of browning of U.S.

  9. Lindsey whining about being tied together with an aggressive bill. “Juss know that Mith is my ‘safe word’”

    1. tax cuts during Trump’s time and yes most people got a tax cut. Also greatly increasing standard deductions simplified taxes more probably than anything in my 67 years

    2. @Sam Harris
      The average American didn’t benefit even close to what the wealthy did, and Trump took away a lot of deductions that benefited Tha middle class.
      Also, the tax cut was for only two years for the middle class.

    3. @Sam Harris handing barrow loads of cash to the wealthy HURTS all others even if they got a tiny tax cut. Republitards are too stupid to realise that the tax base is needed to fund genuinely beneficial policies, e.g., infrastructire.

    4. @Karl Jenkinson The rich absolutely always have a HIGHER tax rate, but if it is too high, watch out for loopholes. It becomes a complicated topic quickly. Capital gains and qualified dividends do complicate things too, but too high a tax on capital gains is not necessarily wise

    5. @Sam Harris I dont think I benefitted at tax time. And I would PREFER a hefty healthcare plan for everybody. I cant pay more taxes when I am a corpse on a slab.

  10. Lindsey Graham haves moral values, honor and integrity. LMFAO Nobody cares what he thinks or wants. We’re just waiting for him to go. The GOP goes big for the rich and powerful but never for the people.

  11. Never trust a man who talks about himself in the third person or who wears Jim Bakker’s hair cut and Tammy Faye’s make-up.

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