1. When are they are going to outlaw these kind of bikes to racetrack. Theres no reason they should be considered road worthy… these riders are always breaking laws… its nothing new… u should simply not be allowed to put them on the road… i have nothing against joy riding motorcyclist but speedbikes should be limitted to track racing… its non sense… going to buy a indycar and put it on the road… im not allowed its that simple

    1. @Jack Sprat u can dye on a motorcycle crutch rocket if u feel like it but ehy u sgould put other ppl at risk…

    2. Most ordinary cars can go well over any speed limit in Canada, sooo… make all cars illegal?

  2. They need to slow down, impact at that speed ruins organs for donation. Squids, they have the upload isp’s, pone # and the computer or phones id #. Not hard to find u would think.

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