Watch: NASA unveils astronauts in Artemis II’s moon flyby crew | USA TODAY

NASA announces the astronauts that will fly on the Artemis II mission around the Moon and back to Earth.

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NASA is set to announce Monday which crew members will be joining the Artemis II mission, the second installment of the agency's historic push to establish a human presence on the moon. The four astronauts will be the first crew members on board an Artemis space flight, after the program kicked off with the launch of an empty capsule in November 2022.

The crew will blast off towards the moon, but they won't be landing on it – that's what Artemis III hopes to accomplish. The goal of this mission will be to orbit the lunar surface on a flight lasting approximately 10 days. The mission marks the first time crew will be aboard the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft, NASA says.

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  1. I feel lied to. NASA trumped these missions up as though they were to be completely fielded by women. Wasn’t that supposed to be the whole point of being called Artemis, you know, Apollo’s sister? Yet only one woman is among this crew. I honestly have not been this disappointed in a long while.

    1. No one has ever said that. They said that the crews would be made up of a mix of men and women, and people from different backgrounds. On this they delivered and the first woman will soon walk on the moon together with her crew.

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