1. Typical politician you would think no way would l service under Trump’s administration he just might succeed in hanging me next time.

    1. @Brian Murphy Yes that would help those of you with the attention span of a squirrel.

      I was satisfied with his answer. It made his position very clear.

    2. @Ultraviolet Pisces ♓ Evasive – yes, a politician has to avoid being quote mined. It impresses me how little everyone understands/analyzes the traps that politicians have to evade in recorded interviews. He didn’t want them to merely crop out “no I would not” and leave out context.

    1. @Six73 isn’t the US super power of the world? Shell had had the greatest profits in 2022 since 2008, odd how this always seems to happen under a democratic administration

    1. Name one person charged with insurrection. IF it was an insurrection wouldn’t ppl be charged with that and not seditious conspiracy.

    2. In case u missed it, lots of people were arrested for the riot but no one, not a single person has been charged with insurrection.

  1. You know what Americans need? Leaders who are genuinely prioritizing helping the nation progress and leaders who can give straight answers

    1. A lone DC cop saved his A that day, along with his family and never once does he say anything about that. Guess I gotta buy the book or wait for Hollywierd to make the movie.


  2. Such a politician. Not as much of an interview as it is just a podium for him to answer whatever he wants. Everything goes straight back in to the talking points.

    1. @Mac B CNN is such a joke. There’s a reason half of Fox’s rejects end up there as news journalist. CNN is the birth place of Heraldo, Tucker, the place where loons t thrive and grow……nuff said!!

    2. @gayle holmes so youre just a troll and not actually serious. You just hate the man (justifiably) so you lie to smeer him.
      Cute, good way to lose any credibility you might have had. 🤣

    1. bathouse barry took credit for President Trump booming economy that’s for sure.
      bathouse barry 3rd term in office aka the Harris-Biden misadministration is definitely destroying the United States with killing babies open borders starting ww3 fentanyl deaths high gas prices
      under the Harris-Biden administration dimocrat paedophiles have more protection than the children do

    2. You don’t get to call yourselves “both sides”, because you’re both the wrong sides. It’s nothing but the height of arrogance to even so much as use “both”, in some kind of unwritten agreement-of-opponents to lock anyone else out who doesn’t adhere to their respective party lines. You don’t get to be both. You’re neither, now.

    3. yep. This self professed follower of Christ still supports the liar in chief and in this interview shows his own passion for lying. Many are fooled….or rather many fool themselves, even unto the very elect.

    4. I don’t always agree with him but you say he thinks he can play both sides when there shouldn’t me any sides but to be united as one.

    5. I was thinking the same thing! He’s talking out both sides of his mouth. I don’t judge people cus I don’t want people to judge me. I always try to be fair but damn Pence sounds like a coward. He won’t boldly say anything bad about Trump. Pence coming across as weak and scared to be honest and say how rotten Trump is and was Jan. 6th. They were going to kill Pence that day and Pence won’t speak out say Trump is wrong the election wasn’t stolen.

    1. @ThePhysics1234 Sorry , I’m not a dummy like you guys . How about you go send more money to your grandpa Trump . More money to this supposedly billionaire that’s always asking for money . Supposedly billionaire super afraid for people to see his tax returns. Bye ✌️

    1. @Adam Johnson side stepping isn’t masterful, it’s pathetic. Just like his policies over the years in his state.
      He’s a religious nut who has no back bone.
      He proved that on cnn, and Fox News.

      If all you can come up with is I’m not a critical thinker, you need to work on your insults.
      I won’t insult you though, I’m better than you any day if the week.

    2. @Spunkmire Sidestepping? He directly answered the question without pissing off his potential voting base. Thats masterful oratory skills.

    3. @Adam Johnson the potential voting base that wanted him hung. Yeah. Wow, what a man lol

      He couldn’t even get the name right of a women who asked him a question.
      What a loser

    1. That day, had that brother not saved lives in that chamber……yeah, Mike…that’s when you know God has favor.

  3. CNN: “What’s 2 + 2?”

    Mike Pence: “FIrst of all, I would like to thank you for allowing me to answer what 2 + 2 is. Over the centuries, matheticians from different civilations spend diligent hours coming up with the equation 2 + 2. They didn’t always agree on the answer. I am thankful that my faith has given me the answer. But it has been generally accepted that 2 + 2 = 4.”

    1. This is a great breakdown of Pence’s verbal dribble and stalling. I wonder if Mike gets paid by the minute! I dare say that Pence was a huge fan of Dean Smith and not Bobby Knight.

  4. This guy gives his words so much importance that his actions contradict them so much louder than if he was just speaking semi normally

    1. He’s a walking talking sound bite….most of this interview came straight from his book. Mike is a very cautious politician who blankets himself with family values and the bible to justify the way he governs…..unfortunately he fails to read the bible, because it talks about WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING!!…which is what he is.

  5. Magic Mike – he can make you magically forget your own question by giving you the most convoluted and stretched out answer, leaving you half asleep and confused at the end of his “answer”!

    It’s a real magic power, folks!!

    1. CNN is notorious for handing the so called Magic Mic to its subjects to lie….number one reason their ratings are low.

  6. Can you imagine if this guy had to respond quickly in an emergency situation? As he said, there are better choices…

    1. It was Pence that got the military to that place to save the day and thank God for it. Yet to this very day, he still supports Trump and his admistration’s incompetency during those 4 years.

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