Watch PM Trudeau’s speech at the COP26 climate summit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada will cap oil and gas emissions to reach net zero by 2050 in his speech to world leaders at COP26.

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    1. @redneck guy lol. Last time he took two because they couldn’t fit all the booze they brought on just one plane for all the parties.

  1. What is the carbon footprint produced by this guy’s useless hot air? A car produces emissions but at least it gets you somewhere.

    1. @scary terrry FOI showed that sophie used $23,000 of tax payers money to heat Harrington Lake for 6 months. How about she close the windows and put a sweater on

    1. @JD 28 heat BILL !?! Alberta?? .. hydro quebec is laughing at you buddy… we heat with something know as electicity here and we produce it.. lol
      err.. i mean.. quebec govt produce it and then steal our money… thats what i mean..

    1. It just proves how concerned they actually are about ‘climate change’. They know it is not that big of crisis, or if it was, they would reduce their own carbon emissions. It is the same thing with COVID. They talk about how bad it is, yet they don’t act as though it is that big of a deal when they are not in front of the camera.

    2. Yes but how is he going to sink his teeth in that 7 course meal and drink the expensive wine?? He’s such a goof.

  2. Trudeau is more annoying when speaking French. He doesn’t sound natural, trying his Québécois accent.


    1. Because if you can afford a beach front property, you’re likely wealthy enough that you
      Really wont care when its under water. Easy come easy go!

  3. I hope Justin is going to swim home a his private jet is a big polluter. He must leave his jet in Glassco and swim. The world leaders need to be our example. They must walk, swim or ride a bike and leave their private jets grounded. And find alternative ways back to their homes without polluting our world.

    1. @Filthy An1mal You really think Windmills, solar panels and electric cars will save the planet from warming up?? I feel sorry for you. Your disappointment will be immeasurable.

    2. @Stephen Fetchit I never said windmills or solar panels once so your argument is invalid. You can’t even read what I said yet you wanna argue with me?? Well go ahead what’s you’re suggestion to fix the climate issue?

  4. “i’m taxing the crap out of Canadians and businesses, so a magical dome over Canada will appear, supported by pixies and unicorns. It will make Canada a carbon free nirvana . I’m a hero!”

  5. That’s why they’re building a multi-million dollar resort only 4 feet above high tide in Parksville, BC…. right…. 👌👌👌🐑🐑🐑🤡🤡

  6. I am betting this is his last kick at the can. Canada is sick of him. The morons in Toronto will change minds after the electrical and heat bills come in and artesian breads $20 a loaf.

  7. There was a total of 400 private jets that flew into this maskless thing. They claim to you need to change your lifestyle completely for 2 things they are completely unafraid of.

  8. After flying to Tofino for his latest weekend break, and flying to party maskless all over Europe, he’ll fly home to prepare for his next Caribbean vacation. But remember, YOU’RE the problem, he’s the solution…

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