1. I was 12 when I learned of the towers destruction, I didn’t understand then and still don’t now. It’s a horrific event that shouldn’t have happened. I hope the families of the victims have found some form of peace in the last two decades. May those that haven’t, find it in the years to come.

    1. Same, 12 as well, it was the only thing i remembered from that day was the tv being wheeled in as we watched in shock and disbelief, what we 12 year olds didnt know was while we were already at the height and climax of transition from elementary to high school which already is a new world; we were getting ready to be ushered into a new world a more militaristic world and that child innocence before 9:11 am on September 11th 2001, can never be recovered inidividually and nationally.. Rip to all.

    1. @HubbleBubble BubbleBelly stop…this is about all of us….you are being part of the problem….stop it…let us be “we” again…

    2. not just america, the world itself has changed for the worst, more militarism, spying and more divisiveness , hatred, racism and death…. 2020 was the time to obtain true clear vision of what we need to be for the world, not for our own glory.

    1. The one who “really” stole the election then went straight to war, forfeiting more American lives than was lost on 9/11. Killing over 300,000 innocent civilians abroad in the process. America is not any more safe today. What was the point ?

  2. It is hard to describe the mixture of feelings 20 years ago and it is hard to describe the mixture of feelings 20 years later. Somehow, the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 was never forgotten because of the terrorists at their cowardice and the first responders for their heroism at the very end.

    1. God bless the nation that used this event as part of the lie and pretext for its terror attack on the people of Iraq? I don’t think so.

    2. God Bless the B a n k e r s who (per usual)funded&profited off this event & the war that followed:bankrupting nations=creating debt for their profit all while US taxpayers pay for it. God Bless CentraI B a n k s & the FederaI Reserve🙄🤬

  3. As one who didn’t care for former president Bush’s (or his administration) policies
    I have to say I liked what he had to say here. Kind, caring, compassionate, wise words.

    1. @Ryan H Bush was in the Navy. You dolt. Oh, and Biden got seven deferments. Citing asthma. Did MSNBC not tell you? Call me shocked.

    2. @East End Long Island Girl l bone spurs can be filed down as it’s done daily in the military asthma is actually a condition to not get in the military. Or did newsmax not tell you that?

    3. @N Q where is the proof he cheated we are all still waiting. Trump released 5000 Taliban fighters when he made the deal with them.

  4. The older you get the wiser you become, sometimes. I’d have a beer with him but I wouldn’t vote for this guy.

  5. Thank you to all the heroes of Flight 93, and may their beautiful memories be eternal. Their selfless sacrifice saved my uncle, he was in the US Capitol. I can’t imagine life without him, hold your loved ones a little closer today ❤️

  6. On this solemn occasion let us grieve with the families of the victims and keep politics out of this while we pray for our country.

  7. Wow… what a mic drop… of the one guy I never thought could do it..
    There far more really good by Americans than they seem to know🌹🇺🇸

  8. From Australia, we watched live on our screens, watched on in horror and sadness,we could never imagine the fear,the pain and horror America went through that day, God bless you all,20 years on and it’s still the worst day I can remember in my lifetime 🙏🙏

  9. “We are in for a long and difficult war. It will be conducted on many fronts. But as long as it takes, we will prevail.” -George W Bush April 30, 2002 Parkside Hall, San Jose California.

  10. Saw the movie of what happened… 10 years after 911. Its hard to imagine what could summon the courage of total strangers to organize a resistance against a hijacking of a flight, even more its hard to imagine what kind of evil could do such a thing but the pure heroism of what those random people did together, should forever be remembered as indicative of the totality of the kind of AMERICAN SPIRIT we should endear and honor… Rip to all the fallen of 911, 20 years later from Ottawa Canada.

  11. I was only 7 when it happened. Take my word for it. Parents, teachers, literally the entire community where I lived here in Canada grieved deeply for the US those twenty years ago. I’ll never forget all the teddy bear drives. I wanted to give my favorite stuffed bear but I was told it’d need to be bought new. The principal told us that there are a lot of little kids with no mom or dad to hug now, so we’re sending these stuffed toys so those kids will have something to hug…. :'(

    I joined the armed forces when I was an adult, but I got a brain injury before I completed my training. Take my word, Canada stood with you guys on that day. That event changed everything.

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