1. I would think there are many issues around making this particular decision. I hope that more can be done for the others left behind in the same circumstances.

    1. @Donna C. The reason they traded him is because they see it as a political game getting a basketball player star released

    2. No there’s one simple issue , America is a joke . Just when you think they can’t be more stupid and cowardly they prove you wrong.

    3. @LVGK88 Biden panders to groups while destroying the infrastructure and history of a Nation. Impeach and imprisonment should be his only future.

  2. Is it being wrongfully detained if you’re breaking a law in a foreign country? I know some may say the sentence was harsh, but what about all the Americans here in prison for the same sentence?

    1. @Orlando Mendoza yea there’s the political part they are focusing pollical agenda towards a certain group of people, for gain, doesn’t this happen every single mid term and elections?

  3. Let me get this straight, she goes to a foreign Country, breaks the law intentionally, gets caught, goes to prison, then our government negotiated a deal to trade her in a prisoner swap with for a Russian Arms dealer who in fact is a real bad guy, because she can shoot hoops ? And a United States Marine Corps Veteran is still sitting in the gulag, with no negotiation in progress for his release ? Unbelievable 😡😡😡

    1. @Timothy Brown bro weed is illegal in Russia regardless off its purpose recreational or medicinal. She brought drugs into a country with strict drug laws.

    2. @jjmuse75 can you say the same about the American marine rotting in the gulag that was completely ignored by this administration. Seems “all Americans” only means the famous ones

    3. @ShiftyeyesNV Ya! She is black so Joe does not want the Blacks in the States to say he is racism. Must safe the black first.

  4. Imagine being locked up in the US for state or federal marijuana charges, and watching the government do this.

    1. @knowing the body if you kneel to the national anthem you should move, it’s like spitting in the face of people who served this country yall should bounce

    2. @Jay day Day if you think a flag is more important than God and love then… well, sounds like you already bounced.

    3. @Jay day Day I’ll go where God has me go. As of right now, it’s in your comments. May you be granted peace in your heart.

  5. This just made every celebrity and American athlete traveling abroad a target.
    If you dont know who Viktor Bout is look him up. This will cost lives.

    1. @Blkted Learn how to string together a grammatically correct sentence before you lecture us on how the world works.

    1. @Darren Scott Where is your evidence that they wanted Bout for Whelan? You guys make up all sorts of lies when Democrats have any success.
      BTW, Trump has proven to be unpatriotic so he really doesn’t care about protecting American interest or its people. He never attempted to free Whelan at all.

    2. @edog8142 trump’s not the president. This has nothing to do with trump. Biden traded a celebrity for an infamous drug lord.

    3. @Monica Barker True, but whatever we actually do now is prob the tip of the Ice Berg. IDK, has it been stated Putin has no intention? I just hope theres more to it in terms of some kind of deal, tho the actual trade made is a most dangerous one. Im really glad Im not the one having to make such deals, trades, etc. Im Not defending the choice or deals made, it not a choice per sey, oh why cant we have the wiggle nose of Samantha Stevens or the nod of Jeanie to instantly make world happy. lol, yes fantasy land but almost as realistic as whats going on in country.. Have a great night

    1. @Kyle 🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Try getting the facts and listening to Paul’s family. Try understanding the conditions and circumstances of the negations! Bet you won’t. Caught up in emotion!

    2. @zan Lehman the fact that Paul served a tour I’m Iraq, a 15 year police officer, and we traded a spoiled privileged athlete instead of someone who should have come home, but then again I don’t expect much from someone who thanks joe Biden.🥴

  6. You should do a follow up vid in a couple of years on what Viktor Bout was able to accomplish vs griner 💀

    1. Maybe you supporters should keep track of each of their body counts from here on. Imagine thinking someone involved in mass murder being release back into the world is a good thing. Russia won on this.

    2. @PragueImport no the basketball star isnt more important than you. But im not sure if youd be worth trading for an arms dealer that will now go be responsible for more deaths either hunny

  7. Imagine how unimportant you feel would you’ve been at Russia prison three times longer than a basketball player but they get priority

    1. @pete bagwell So you know how government negotiations work, get the heck out of here. Man, you guys crack me up. Like I said, there are professionals that deal with this daily and protocols. Americans have been and will continue to be targeted. In a global community, there are bad actors that just hate the US. Nothing against Whelan, nothing against Griner, we have Americans in Iran, Venezuela and other countries around the world and each case is different. So to answer your question, Whelan case is different and I am quite sure, they have professionals that are working to free him as well.

  8. The Flying Dutchman: “OK Krabs, I’ll let you stay. But first, help me settle a bet. If you had to choose between Spongebob and all the money I have in my pocket, which would you take?”
    Mr. Krabs: “That depends. How much money we talking about?”
    SpongeBob: “Mr Krabs?”
    The Flying Dutchman: “62 cents.”
    Mr. Krabs: “I’ll take the money.”

  9. We traded an arms dealer nicknamed the merchant of death for an idiot that brought a drug to a country where it’s illegal. This is massively stupid.

    1. Just box checking political pandering is all it was..at the risk of national security..who’s Putin’s puppet again?

  10. Fun fact, the law she broke in Russia is also a law in the U.S. You can’t bring marijuana products through U.S. airports, not even from one green legal state to another green legal state. Nicholas Cage played the man we released for her in Lord of war, this deal was not worth it! If Viktor Bout returns to his former employment, hundreds of thousands of people will die for her freedom.

    1. @Thomas Lium Really? Better than the U.S.? Are you having your vacation in planet Mars that you don’t have a clear idea about Russian armaments? I suggest you take your vacation in Ukraine for your enlightenment!

    2. @Lolstalgic who cares? What about that marine? Who took an oath? And sacrificed? His life? So you could have the freedom of speech? I CARE. AND SO SHOULD YOU.

    3. @Daniel Holley we already had that. That EX marine decided to go against America which got him booted out in the first place. He never fought for our freedom of speech. 🤣🤣 And like you believe… so the crime do the time. So, stop acting like this is about a man that was taken out of the American marine Corp and admit you have a problem with an American women you’ve never met based off you’re own hatred.

    4. A gay person who broke law in another country who dissrespects 🇺🇸 and sympathizers 🇺🇸 ‘ s enemies is more important than a navy hero who served the country??!how can Biden break the spirit of Americans and Ukraines at this moment..Griner and Biden both sold their souls to the enemies and I can tell Biden hates America and is a friend of Putin..If she was not gay he would not care and only because he knows that LBGT community votes for him and democrats made him do that ..

  11. So we have innocent men and women in America, but we trade a criminal for a criminal, and a criminal to a country we are sending money to fight against? What a slap to the tax payers.

    This is nuts. Unbelievable

    1. @Marvin Guigar  I just don’t know why we are putting up with it. I’m blasting on all my networks no taxes 2023

    2. People are actually praising President Biden including her family and said he made the right decision.

    3. Criminal for a criminal? Was she wrong, yes but she shouldn’t be compared to that psycho who was traded for her GTFOH

    1. Agreed. I got friends doing 5 year bids for marijuana charges here in the US. This person breaks the law in a different country, does 10 months, and walks away free.

      Oh and the US sprinkled a notorious dealer on top of the exchange as a cherry on top. What a backhand 👋 in the face.

    2. Especially if they’re selling their ‘Chimexfen’ to public school students. They’re just trying to spread rainbow love, right?

  12. This is a disgrace to us normal Citizens…..if it was anybody else this would have never happened. This is what the privileged people in society can get accomplished.I understand fully that she was incarcerated for something that is not severe in my eyes but if that happened to a regular joe shmo,this would of never even made the news. Anyone else would rot in prison. This is wrong and the U.S. now looks worse in my eyes. I love my country but this is not the way you show regular citizens that privileged individuals get special treatment. Truly disappointing 🤦‍♂️

  13. This is pathetic! So sad that our government would make a trade like that yet there are thousands of people in the US who are in prison for the same thing. She needs to be kicked out of the WNBA and stripped of all medals for the drug use. I hope karma comes for the ones who orchestrated this!

    1. You know what’s pathetic… acting surprised about this exchange when other US presidents have done so much worse putting citizens at risk. obviously this exchange was dumb but as people we need to realize this is literally nothing compared to other situations

    1. @Ann Ellis Thank you for the kind words. Sadly not a kid anymore a I do miss growing up in the 80s. Was great with no social media. I’m now in my 40s… So if I look young, it’s just because I eat well haha.

    2. @Josh Laher lol, like I said still a kid, just take the compliment and run w it. lol.. I just turned legal in 81 by 82 had 2 children so we were all still growing up and the 80 may have totally sucked w fashion and omg the hair styles but was a great time to be a kid and raise them!!

  14. When I was a young kid in the early 1960’s, I hadn’t a clue our country would disintegrate to this level.

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