Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 12th | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 12th | MSNBC


Watch highlights of Monday's The Rachel Maddow Show, airing weeknights at 9 p.m. on MSNBC.

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    1. @Tony Young, I go by the idea that God put us here to learn. Now we’re learning about greediness and how it destroys.

    1. @taz 9 Check out Glenn Kirschner. He’s actually working on something like that in every state. I’m not sure where it’s at right now

    1. @Jennifer Armstrong what’s wrong with doing some research? I think many Trump supporters go online to fight with people. Just admit you don’t really want answers and quit asking for answers unless you’re willing to do a little work yourself.

    2. @Jennifer Armstrong How ignorant are you? More black folks don’t have cars, and have jobs that they can’t get time off to vote.

  1. Here in the Netherlands, all people who are citizens get to vote (easy). Including most of the people in prison. A lot of people in prison vote rightwing, but we accept this, defend this right.
    With you, many rightwings (who are extremely more rightwing then ours) do not want prisoners voting, because they are criminals. But your rightwing does want them to be able to be an elected official? It really is very strange.

    Restricting the vote should not be a thing. I do not know of any free country who uses limited acces as an election-strategy.
    Why is this a thing? Because of the 2-partie system? If one loses, the other one must win? Here it could not be like that. If two fight, the third would win. Or the next or next. And after elections not one is big enough to rule alone, so they would always have to work together if they want to rule at all. Most of our politicians are like your democrats (corporate is like our liberal-right). So they really do not agree on everything, but are trained to try and get workable compromises. It works.

    You really do not need an extremist populist partie that used to be the party of no interference from federals. It is not the same anymore and the leaders now are crazy grifters. You can not work with that. It is a way to prove that federal government is a lousy thing, but it is weird to point someone out to do a job who wants to prove it is lousy. What result can you expect? It is like pointing someone as postmaster who profits if he proves the national post is an worthless unreliable thing. Oh.. Yes, they did that too.

    Why do you let them prove they are worthless grifters and why do they get extra votes if they prove they can and will obstruct reasonable adequat governing? How is that a thing? And your people really pay them to give that message? It is really strange. Maybe they think it is an interactive show?

    1. WHAT money? My bet is that Trump is ALREADY teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and he’s got somewhere between $400 million to $900 million in mortgage loans due within a year on whatever real estate he still owns. The whole “suing Facebook, Google, etc.” is to raise more money because his America First PAC is now lagging in donations; there’s only so much money working class and lower middle class suckers and losers who support him have, after all.

    2. @dabsafe I doubt she has bent over or laid down ever since she had her anchor baby. Her current job skills are standing up straight and dodging hand holds and check kisses .

  2. If someone is responsible for lying and misrepresenting cases in court… how is it (again) that not one of these attorneys are sitting in jail?

    1. @Rachal Habib You would think that if Trump was that bad, after 4 years they would have found something. They blatantly ignored everyone from the left!!! ABSOLUTEL INSANITY!!!

    2. @Troy Cote honestly it is very hard for me to wrap my head around this insanity and hypocrisy. Then I realize some are just that far gone

    3. Somebody ‘Bopper the Barbarian’ is jealous of those who’ve worked
      hard and achieved so much more than you ever will. keep punching in,
      Cletus. At least that Micky Dee fryer station still needs you!

    4. @Troy Cote, They did find something. They found tons of illegal stuff. Watch the video instead of rushing to comment. I know it’ll be hard to change but the stability of the country is at stake.

  3. Working for Trump as a lawyer is the “Kiss of Death“; you don’t get paid and are sanctioned by the courts and get disbarred.

    1. @The Real Deal Yes, you’ve assumed correctly. The Choice to work for Trump could cost them their career’s, or worse their lives.

    2. @The Real Deal Hmmmm….you may need an adult to help translate words and phrases.
      I said that Ralph is hard to watch. that clearly doesn’t imply to ANY reasoning person that I
      continue watching him….as do you. That’s your tell card, Cletus. Come here to troll?

    3. @DJ64 You just keep thinking small and deal in ‘cash on de barrelhead’, Cletus.
      Hard working successful people need your spindly little shoulders to stand on, too!

  4. Merrick Garland take note. Get out of your robe and gown, and understand that if you don’t hold people accountable you’re giving them license to do it again. If that’s too uncomfortable, then step aside. That may be the best way for you to serve your country.

  5. It’s about time and the Republicans should have to pay out of pocket to fix Arizona voting machines not the tax payers

  6. I am not from Texas. But, as an American who wants the Democratic Party to take the fight to Protect Our Votes right at Republicans, I could not be prouder of Texas Democrats for showing exactly how it’s done!!!!!

    A Big Thank You Texas Democrats from a Grateful Nation.

  7. Those found guilty of insurrection should lose any govt assistance, such as Medicare, govt pensions, food stamps etc

    1. They paid IN to Medicare. And the USA doesn’t use ‘starvation’ as a punishment for the convicted guilty.

    2. @thom wessels The only thing the Right has is hate for the left. The Right doesn’t have ONE single idea or policy.

    3. @MeanGeneSanDiego You have no idea how stupid your inane post was.
      You can’t possibly believe your own childish nonsense there….can you?

    1. @Rachal Habib Rachal, You have gone mad!I suppose you’re another t’Rrump-kisser that only believes in lies.

    1. It’ll be funny if he comes out and says “I don’t know the guy, never met him.” like he does about all of his thugs/conspirators/henchmen despite he’s known the guy for half a lifetime.

    2. “I only kept him on because he was a friend of my father, I never really got to know him very well”…

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