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Watch highlights of Monday's The Rachel Maddow Show where she looks at the disturbing contrast between the goofiness of the characters and conspiracy theories that are driving Republicans to doubt the results of the 2020 presidential election. Watch the top news stories and highlights from The Rachel Maddow Show, airing weeknights at 9 p.m. on MSNBC.

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    1. Right? Who takes MSM seriously anymore without doing their own digging? How weird if not…🤔

    2. @Karen Shumer One of those ‘my side or wrong side’ radicalized mouth pieces, huh? Meh.

    3. @Slivress Sliver Right! MSM is only a starting point. Yesterday’s trusted source can quickly become today’s hollow shell of its former self.
      Dig, dig, dig. then dig some more.

  1. This is like the worst oceans movie ever written. Was there some sort of con persons convention? Did they all decide to make a heist America movie?

    1. They (Trump Administration) “drained the swamp” then made it a cesspool to make it feel more like home.

    2. Now how about Americans in general stop f*cking believing the MSM. This woman, and all haha…’journalists’ are full of sh*t and only radically motivated. Am I wrong?

    1. LOL Too bad they can’t be held over for three days psychological examination by the court. 🙂

    2. Italian satellites,
      Jewish space lasers,
      Chinese bamboo,
      Magnetized Americans,
      Changing the moon orbit,
      We all live in a Yellow Submarine,
      Yellow Submarine, Yellow Submarine
      🎵 La La La 🎵

  2. So basically they told on themselves. And I have no doubt that the Biden administration is already looking into corruption of Trump in Italy now. It’s almost hilarious if it wasn’t dangerous.

    1. @Steven Davis Well actually no one can stand to live in the past. We all live in the present. And the future is what we plan for. And politics is all theater. They legalized bribery by calling it lobbying and U r worried about lying. The system creates what it is designed to create. Rich politicians selling out poor citizens at the expense of the National debt. There r no ez fixes. There r no honest politicians. And all news is biased towards its audience and set up to create an audience to sell advertisements for dollars. So take it all in with a grain of salt. Good day y’all.

    2. AZ audit is going great, a new gold standard for foresnic audits. 20 additional states will use this method.

    1. In order to get rich in this country what is needed is the worship of money it really is that simple.

    2. What really matters is how we feel about ourselves. Investments of what we love individually are investments in ourselves. We need to be happy with less as greedy Americans in general.

  3. So these are “the best people” that Donnie surrounds himself with?
    When is enough enough?

    1. @Slivress Sliver If you wee done “enlightened deity” I might be inclined to engage you. But since you are a Dump supporter, I’ll pass!🙄

    2. @Now Now It feels like it. The more it is bonkers the more Orange Monster from Moronlagoon is doubling down on it.

    3. @Marc Allain I don’t think he is unable to find law abiding citizens to work with. To use my earlier reference, it’s like he is a mob boss. There will always be low level mobsters who clamor for the attention of boss. The reality is that Donnie knows his wealth was amassed through criminal activity and that’s the best way to make more. Donnie is a con artist and grifter. He is constantly playing the part he learned from his dad. Just look at his dad’s history and listen to Donnie’s niece about how the family operates. It’s all there.

      Also you don’t have to be competent in business if you are a good liar and surround yourself by smart people who want something from you. Donnie’s father was smart and he set his son up for success no matter the cost.

      People can’t see it because they pay to much attention to what Donnie says. He is a masterful magician. If you pay to much attention to what the illusionist does you won’t notice the trick. People who are deceived by the Don, never follow-up to see or are in denial about the outcome of his actions. They want to be deceived. They want him to be a hero, mostly because that’s what he says he is. But also because America always needs a “Captain America”. Donnie is the man the founders of this nation warned us to look out for. He is the man they put all the checks and balances in place in government for.

      As a conservative I’m both surprised and not surprised so many in the “Right” are deceived by Trump and watch it won’t be long before another comes along and finishes the dismantling of the country as we know it.

  4. This “Italygate” story has always been absurd. It begs the question, how do these certifiably insane Republicans even get through life?

  5. How Can These Frauds Even Receive News Coverage & As Well As Q-Anon: Question & Answer NONE! Short for this Abbreviation?

  6. Is there more lead in peoples’ water than we know? Something is causing people to discard common sense and critical thinking.

    There is so much desperation to explain the 2020 loss that the theories are becoming increasingly insane.

    Sometimes your team loses the game. It doesn’t always mean the referee cheated.

    1. I have suggested for a long time that there may be a correlation between lower school grades/higher violence/more dementia in certain older areas of cities/towns/rural areas and the amount of lead pipes supplying the water to them.

    2. It’s a tidal wave of dementia that is hitting our Country. I’m not joking! Dementia caused by decades of really poor, nutritionally deficient eating by middle-aged and older Americans. (And, lack of exercise, chronic sleep deficiency, long-term modern day stress added to that.)You see, these early signs of dementia show that these people have lost SO MUCH brain power, that they CANT rationalize or use critical thinking! They are simply operating from their base emotions, firing off outrageous conspiracy theories like cannonballs from loose cannons.

    3. @Walter Scott I agree. Modern life with all of it’s trappings did this to us (as a whole) and we might not be able to fix it because we have become addicted to this modern lifestyle.

  7. The news motto at DOJ has got to be “WTF!” every time they read another conspiracy report put thru by the last administration. After they pick themselves up off the floor from laughing so hard that their cheeks hurt then they just put them all into a shred pile.

    1. There were most likely MAGA faithful working there (and still are) throwing sand into the gears of any investigation into Trump and his Conmen cohorts.

    1. @Karen Shumer True. Couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately his minions in the Retrumplican party are trying to destroy it nation-wide, outright, in his “sacred” name. They’re still doing this four time loser’s will even when they don’t have to.

    2. @Dok Skwyr The fallacy of rabid political MSM and social media rhetoric is real. Pull your head out of the sewer and take a f*cking deep breath for one day at least.

    3. Just like their Messiah, donlt trum, they inherited money, but don’t know how to keep it, but by deception.

  8. Believing in lies has replaced the ability to bank questions and think. Hence, republican voters and evangelical followers.

    1. Never were so many lawsuits so necessary.But those crooked Trump judges are there waiting to deny the cases. The AG we have needs the stomach, the hammer & the will to vacuum them up & out of Govt- without pressure to perform NOW we will be as left in darkness & fascism as we are. No disgrace is greater than the quiet engulfing our crumbling Democracy now.
      Demand Biden do his job saving Democracy!

    2. @Paula Gray understanding. You best understand that the higher echelon shows only one side of the coin. Am I lying?

    3. @Slivress Sliver Manafort and Stone were found guilty by a jury of their peers. Flynn admitted his own guilt 3 different times, but then Barr got his nose in the courts business and Flynn changed his plea. “Weaselberg” is in the same predicament. Will he admit guilt and take the blame? Or will he turn on Trump? Or will the Manhattan DA go foward with the RICO act and charge them all? It’s too early to tell. Vance is still presenting facts to the grand jury. But it looks like an indictment is sure to follow – we just don’t know which one yet. Tax fraud, bank fraud, racketeering? I’m thinking it will be the racketeering charge. Take them all down in one swoop! Ha, Ha!!

  9. Has anyone ever investigated the possibility that Mitch McConnell could well be a Chinese asset.???

    1. He’s guilty by association. His wife Elaine made tons of money for her own pocket and her families business in China by doing shady business deals with US corporations and the bank of China. Also, Moscow Mitch worked closely with an Oligarch in Moscow to open an aluminum factory in Kentucky. It was called “reprehensible” by other members of congress but he moved forward in a deal anyway. The russian company gave $30M to get the operation started but the American owner/operator of the factory had to come up with the other $500M to get the operation started and before a contract would be signed. The manager of said company is now in big legal trouble for theft and embezzlement – needless to say, the deal has never went forward and the money was never obtained to seal the contract.

    2. @Paula Gray exactly! Wow. You know much on it. Thank you❤️🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

    1. Stop believing MSM. They are paid per word. True Americans dig for truth. Get your fingers digging further

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