Watch Robert Mueller’s entire opening statement

Former special counsel Robert Mueller testifies before Congress where he discusses the details of his investigation into Russia meddling in the 2016 presidential election. #CNN #News


  1. Who else doesn’t expect much from Mr Mueller? Rod Rosenstein turned out to be a trumpie stooge like William Barr & I will be surprised if anything arises from this.

    1. Muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber yeah its the democrat pedophiles we need to worry about the republican pedophiles are fine upstanding citizens

    2. You’re right about the others but Mueller is no Stooge. If Mueller doesn’t answer a question he has good reason.

    3. @Roger Ward Hi. You and I have had many a set-to. You may not remember but our arguments were always respectful. So, what do you think of Boris Johnson being UK PM? I’m genuinely interested because, despite our politics being worlds apart, you’re one of the few people who didn’t threaten to kill me 😃😄😅

  2. I don’t think people understand how the law works. He can’t say anything while there is an open investigation or it will jeopardize other convictions. Did you not hear what he said at the closing of his statement? Russia is involved pay attention! This is Chess not Checkers!

    1. @Mike Hall Is that all you can say about this hearing? How did the democrats look more like fools than the republican?. Explain! You comment shows you are stupid and do not understand the severity of this hearing. You do not understand what came out of the hearing and you don’t want to. Donald´s supporter will never accept that he is a liar and did everything to make people lie for him. It does not look good for him and he knows that. America can’t have a criminal president. He does not care about America and neither do you.

    2. @Thumbs Up are you angry because no matter how many options for success you are given you are unable to take advantage of them? basically are you a loser and want to blame someone besides yourself?

  3. Watched the live stream so far and Muller is not coming across well. Oh and I’m not a republican. Bernie 2020.

    1. Damn shame Bernie is too old to sit in the office, if there was ever any chance of Bernie taking the office it was in 2016. But there are the Dems stabbing each other in the back 😂

    2. Niall T That cuz you can’t see the set up. The dems ask Mueller the question and he say refer to the report. Two things are happening here. They are actually reading the report and he can still say he played fair.

  4. Wow!. Be proud of this man America. This is the honor and integrity that the world hopes to see from Americans.

  5. The left and the right are hopelessly divided…
    Whatever opinion you state in comments, someone will attack you. They will insult your appearance.

    1. True Dat. If 100% of voters got out and voted we would be having a very different discussion these days. In 2020 I suspect the amount of voters will be higher.
      But both extremes will blame the other side no matter what the outcome is.

    2. @Thugsy DaClown yep ive never voted before and turned 40 this year. Trump will be getting my vote . And if the Republicans ever turn anti american like the democrats then I will vote democrat.

    3. @CryptoConservativeJason how many people (americans ) have been outright gunned down by
      your life loving right ?
      Stop giving them reasons to take our guns you stupid hillbillies.

  6. “The Russian government interfered in our election in sweeping and systematic fashion.”
    -Robert Mueller, today, under oath, verbatim

    1. “The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

      -Robert Mueller, today, under oath, verbatim

    2. @Exposed Motion Cinematics I agree. What I’m saying is that Russia still got Trump the Chump into the White House. Both those statements are consistent with that.

    3. @ObamaisnextLincoln if you think 200 K in Facebook ads got Donald Trump in the White House you need to go to a psychiatrist, not a psychologist… You need drugs!

  7. The most important point is: What has been done by the current administration to secure 2020 elections? Mitch McConnel has blocked all bills that would increase this security. Republicans want to win, no matter if Russians interfere, as long as its in their favor.

    1. Nothing will be done, they need the help. It’s no coincidence manaford gave privileged polling data on swing states, and then trumpy ended up squeaking by with thousands of votes. Those states were hit harder by russia’s Social media misinformation.

  8. Republicans complain That the Far Left to stop Pestering Trump so he can do his Job, (Sorry, He got the “Best People???) But Trump ALWAYS gave Muller Problems to do HIS JOB…….. Russians Involved ???? Please, GUILTY!

  9. In other words: Crooked Trump is guilty as sin and if weren’t for the fact that he is the president and the Republican criminal organization is protecting him and covering up for him, he would have been dragged off to prison to serve time like the disgusting criminal that he

  10. Robert Mueller is Ned Stark – he is too honorable to be playing this treacherous Game of Thrones.

  11. Boss still in Washington in his gangster manifold flin popodopuls cohen stepin stone I can keep going in JAILS god bless America

  12. Robert Muller deserve Americas respect and we thank you for your services, entire trump family and his corrupted administration dont even fill Muellers shoe

  13. This was nothing but a disaster for the Democratic Party.  There were to many questions dodged and unanswered.  I think Mueller made a fool of himself.  My prediction is that this will not give the Democratic party what they want, will loose its momentum over the next few weeks and the Democratic party will come up with a new which hunt.  They’ll go back to tax returns, porn star scandals, blanket investigations etc.   The Trump campaign will stick to informing the American people of the positive results on our country over the past 2 years.

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