1. Tommy Thompson umm no the mueller report indicted a lot of trumps boys and mueller said he’d have charged trump if he wasn’t president. What reality do you live in dude?

    2. Joe Smith they were not hiding in a basement, Republicans were allowed and does it matter where it’s done? Have you no logic? It could be done in a greenhouse, cruise ship, it doesn’t matter… everything was done by the book. Use your head and stop letting fox and trump do the thinking for you.

    3. @Karl Hallesy They fear the truth because it will expose the Trump for the lying crook that he is. He is worse than Nixon!

    1. my democrats? and as far as greed power and money youve got to be kidding. the gop is the party of trickle down economics. you think handouts and tax breaks for the super rich is to help we the people. its not its to make the few even richer. you should really read so of the polices that either side passes. its plain in the positions the push. And hell just look at the amount of money they “raise” from their “donors” the gop is in it up to their elbows with dirty money. do you just trust everything fox and info wars tells you? pick up a history book or two its not hard to look past the bullshit of both sides. wealth worship is a sin and trump is the golden cow, well orange…Beat the rich!!

    2. @Jarcus Mercer Yes the democrats will greatly appreciate your vote. I have seen more people in line at a Starbucks than I have seen attend a democrat rally. Those poor bastards need all the help they can get.

    3. @Kyle Stevens We pulling a what y’all pull. Act like we not interested and come out of no where. 😂😂

    4. @Jarcus Mercer Act like we not interested and come out of nowhere? Wow! That is such a dumb statement.🤣🤣 I’m sure you will all come out screaming and crying like you did in 2016 when you get your asses whooped again.

  1. For this process, if they dont fully allow documents and witnesses then we will no longer be living in a democracy. Will the Repubs do what is right for the constitution or Trump.

    1. Patty J. Ayers we never had a democracy our government has a been a republic since it’s creation by our founding fathers.

    2. @tmax1976 thanks for the compliment, I did come up with that. The only copy and paste was straight from the Ukraine and US treaty doccument itself that says they are supposed to cooperate in investigations. Unfortunately I had to learn how to lawyer for myself because I couldn’t afford one. Fortunately it turned out pretty good.

    3. @albert costaits not hate, it’s the truth. Those who lie and commit crimes hate those who tell the truth and expose it. If I was a politician making $200k a year to represent the American people and I did nothing but try to find a crime against the President for three years, going so far as to pay for fabricated evidence, leak it to the press, so I could spy, investigate, committing Treason, crimes, and violating the constitution in plain sight, bragging about even on video. While ignoring all the crimes on the Demoncrates side, then turn around and accuse the President of everything I was doing, wasting taxpayers money in false investigations, sending billions to Ukraine so I could money luandering/Embezzle it, I would have no problem with anyone speaking the truth about what I was doing. If you will not hear the truth, then no one can tell you. Instead of logic and reasoning they resort to name calling, hate, race baiting, Nazi, stuff they have been brainwashed to do.

    4. @Red894336643 you are correct, also in any real court they would have file for an immediate dismissal for failure to name a crime, no crime was committed, violation of due process, violation of house rules, case dismissed…

    5. You’re only listening to one side of the story they didn’t even file the documents correctly and there was no laws broken no crime no victim.

  2. Witnesses and documents. You don’t want to see it. The Republic is only good if we can keep it. Our Constitution will only survive if we protect it.

    1. @What The I’m actually mad that a professional like Schiff had the audacity to try and use an emotional argument instead of a factual based one to manipulate the American people. Then the Democrats turn around and call the Conservatives uneducated. Look at how the defense was delivered versus the prosecution.

      The defense managed to say more in just 2 hours than the prosecution managed to say in 23.

    1. @Al Shabob the questions I asked were pretty basic. answer them first (before you launch into more fan fiction bs)

    1. @Scott Hullinger who said they were a club of rich guys but that’s mainly who they cater to. There are poor republicans in poor states in the south who vote against their interests and never elevate their status yet they vilify democrats who are in the same poverty level. But republicans always complain about people on entitlements who really need help but say nothing about corporations who pay zero taxes but still get millions in tax returns. And guess who foots the bill for their tax returns. Corporate welfare has always been a republican way.

    2. @Scott Hullinger if Trump is your definition of an angel then you’re a demon. Stupidest comment on the thread.

    3. @Turdy what pain. You don’t know me. I am retired financially secure businessman. Trump.cant affect me in any way but my concern is what he will do to others. Just the other day the moron said he may mess with Medicare and social security to give more tax cuts to the rich. Unless you’re as stupid as he is no everyday working American would ever support that.

    1. @Bill Murray No evidence of rape. Cite your source.
      Does Trump’s infidelity bother you or only when it’s a politician you dont like?

  3. Isn’t 3 plus years of being completely wrong about everything enough?

    The sad part is they’re too stupid to be embarrassed

    1. Schiff’s narrative got crushed today and his credibility is now in shambles. Unlike Schiff the defense team used facts to back up their claims. After watching the defense I am embarrassed for Schiff to be honest.

  4. 202-224-3121 Send a message to your Senator! DEMAND to see documents and RELEVANT witnesses! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

    1. @Brandon Hill Oh fucking christ here comes the “even tho I talk and act like a conservative and use all of their same propaganda, I am actually a woke enlightened blah blah blah” nonsense. Yeah its not like you guys do that all the time… lol

      Enough dude. Just own who you are and don’t think this whole charade of saying conservative talking points and claiming to be something else actually works on anyone.

      And you never stated any facts. You said that wouldn’t allow “witnesses” implying that all witnesses were blocked, lie number one, and you were also alluding to the ONE witness rejected, again because Trump and a few other Republicans openly sought revenge on record as they always say it on live tv like the brazen idiots they are lol, and that was the reason given and it was valid regardless of your “feelings” snowflake. lol So lie number two is you pretending the whistleblower being blocked was unfair when its republicans who fucked it up for themselves by doing that thing where they say the quiet part out loud on live television. lol

      You guys need to get better are trying to manipulate information if that is supposed to be your game. You genuinely suck at it. Its so easy to see thru. lol

    2. @NeutralGloomBot 👍 actually A💬 was formed Thank you and bravo🤜👏👏👏nice to read real points in-between the Mis information play list.

  5. “We are better than that.”
    “The truth matters, otherwise we are lost.”
    “The founders didn’t expect you to leave your common sense at the door.”
    “Give America a fair trial. She’s worth it.”

    Adam Schiff has the best zingers! 👏

    1. @Mattanatee Niemiec thaaat’s bullshit. Rs got three witness in hearings.
      hearings were BEFORE articles. (geez, what a dumb post)

    2. @Blip Machine thanks for that
      qpq isnt needed but:
      “the DNC server? Absolutely. No question about that … And that’s why we held up the money”

    3. “We are better than that.” Hmm … and yet Adam Schiff is incapable of demonstrating that very clearly for all to see. And he has no interest in truth because truth does not serve him as well as good old fashioned lies do. He’s zinging his own neck, and decapitating himself.

  6. We’re going to hire Ted Nugent to bag Hunter in the wild. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Hey Turd 💩
    Sure could imagine
    You going to vote the Putin / Pence ticket again in November ?
    Good luck comrade
    Another phony patriot

  8. It’s gonna be so funny to think that one of the things he said was true and they have to think a strategy quickly or improvise

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