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  1. Great stats & reporting Ari. I really don’t think our society cares about police killing innocent folks, until it happens in their world.

    1. @Nunya Business police departments are recruiting. Are you gonna join, to protect the public according to the city mayor’s law?

    2. @Rosa ingram did you hear his comment about Hunter’s laptop? He thinks it’s fictitious. Do you?

    1. @Rhetoric Deflection doesn’t change anything. If they are both guilty, then they should be held accountable.

    2. @Nunya Business That will not happen, Dems have not been prosecuted for any of their crimes for the last 12 years…part of the reason they are at the point of violating the Consitution. Spare the rod, spoil the child

    3. @Rhetoric Here we go again with the deflection. I can play too. “[Republicans] have not been prosecuted for any of their crimes for the last [40] years…part of the reason they are [continually] violating the Constitution. Spare [any accountability]. Spoil [generations].” See how easy a few tweaks fix your alternative facts.

  2. Sorry, Rudy. We DO know who you are, what you’ve done, the illegal activities you’ve pursued (even before becoming Trump’s stooge) and, yes, you will serve time when you are finally, and properly, taken to court.

    1. Ramon: Rick Wilson, a canary in trSCUMp’s Criminal Mind ! Has written a Best seller called, “Every Thing trump Touches Dies” Wilson wrote this visionary Book before trSCUMP STOLE THE 2016 Presidentsy with Help from Killer Putin !

    2. Don’t kid yourself. No one who goes to the top of NYC politics as Giullianni has is shoulder to shoulder with organized crime/criminals on a daily basis. Given the amounts of money thrown around are almost impossible for those rubbing shoulders not to become tainted. Giulianni was corrupt before he hooked up with the Don that was elected in 2016.

    3. @Ronald Harding I think that you and I could become good friends

      None of them have an option to chose soon. Neither do we

      Half a dozen of chickens, a pig or two, two cows (not one, they are “social creatures”) and some potatoes and carrots. Don’t kid yourself

    1. @Jesse Watters hey Jesse, I love and enjoy the banter and analysis of your current USA sociopolitical scenarios on your show, The Gutfeld show awa the five. You book is not yet available in South Africa, but it will be a come eventually.

    2. @Danny Veal I am a black African male family doctor who is well versed in current & historical international social and economic history. Frankly I am flabbergasted by some of the outlandishly stupid comments & replies from USA citizens.

    3. @Themba Mabaso What are you talking about President Biden does not have dementia I have had many many patients that had dementia and Alzheimer’s and President Biden’s dose not have any one of those symptoms so where are you getting that BS from

    1. @Kaye WeComeToFete If we had a party that doesn’t believe in democracy or fairness and only won via cheating the last 40 years, and if 9/11 were an inside job like many have believed since day 1, republicans would do anything to not lose their grip on the power to deceive and the ability to scapegoat and fear monger and wag the dog.
      Rudy is up to his eyeballs being openly treasonous, it’s because he’s hiding something even worse,

    2. I agree Rudy and Trump and trumpsters and a lot of Republican Senators are saying that Trump will be back on August 13th which I think is absolutely hilarious

    3. The only things trump will be in are an orange jumpsuit a prison cell and a sexual relationship with a big dude called bubba. Well I can dream.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Men that have very dark hair either need to be clean shaven or more of a beard. What Air has just looks like he needs a shave.

  3. “I” for Idiots. Rudy is turning into a poster child of how far he has fallen! Seven score and sixteen years we still as a country can’t heal from shadows of the Civil War and still have people treated as 2nd class citizens (not slaves but what is the difference?). When will “WE” as a country fix this!

    1. For one thing, we have to *vote* for lawmakers who care about Americans regardless of race or color and who abides by the Constitution.
      For now there are too many knuckleheads, (and I’m being polite), in positions of power who don’t do either one.

    2. Lou: It is finally about “ALL People are Created EQUAL”. When WE allow a person to even seek Government Office, who Brags that he can walk up to ANY woman ” and GRAB her by her Genitallia”. Then we are stripping women of Respect and their right to EQUALITY ! After trSCUMp made that statement, how could any decent MAN vote for this “THING” ? ?

  4. A crook expecting to lose often says beforehand “it’s ok if I lose because blah blah blah”…. it feeds from a big ego that expects defeat. After the crook loses they will claim ‘it was rigged’.

    1. I used to think prison was easy till I met a woman who was pooping her pants that she might return. She was a hard nut so I was surprised at her reaction, scared me enough never to want to go to jail.

  5. With racists having a haven at Fox News, Newsmax, and OAN to spew racism, bigotry and narcism, how can there be a united voice to condemn police brutality and urge the legislators to vote on the urgently required reforms to protect not only black lives but ALL LIVES.

    1. @Hu Flung Pu you mean when trump had worse economic and job growth than obama
      When trump had farm bankruptcies jump by 24percent in 2019 with associated suicides
      Income disparity highest i. 50 years, first president since WW2 to lose net jobs
      Oh, and he lied about covid and killed 500k+
      Meanwhile his daughter got special treatment from china after his election
      He sent tons of PPE to china then refused to replace for American medical staff who had to wear garbage bags
      Trump who praised China’s response to corona and its transparency 30x plus
      And got millions from china for empty office space

    1. @Tammy Brothers oh, I understand, but if rudy and trump and all xian Republicans were consistent they would know all are headed straight legged down

    2. @Moon Shoes It doesn’t really matter if Gods do or dont exist, what I was referring to is the internal inconsistencies of his beliefs, in the excuse why the poor should be harmed called the Beatitudes jesus on the plains warn the rich , they got all they should expect, because what comes next wont be happy
      Luke 6 24+ basically says all Republicans and their ilk aint gonna have a good afterlife

    3. @Stefan Jakubowski
      Marrying his own cousin seems absurd to me, but it isn’t anywhere near as unethical or immoral as his actions on trump’s behalf.

    4. @Stefan Jakubowski
      The Bible is the great book of multiple choice and contradiction.
      All,of it is inconsistent.
      The god of love is the same as the god of slavery.

  6. Rudy’s arguments were never, you will see the facts will show I’m innocent, which is usually what lawyers say. He only attacks the left saying they’re lying. Surprisingly, he’s the one that spent the last 9 months lying over and over again, to the point of losing any sense of credibility.

  7. I cannot believe what the US has become. It feels like losing a much loved friend or relative to conspiracy theories. I’m deeply sad that a nation that was once considered a shining light has become such a horrible warning

    1. @Brian Wade Democrats have already run most of the taxpayers out of their cities. All that is left is the trash…😂🇺🇸

    2. @Hu Flung Puone doesn’t have to stay anywhere one doesn’t feel comfortable. One is free to make a choice and leave. There are many countries that have ruined what they had. The USA has the immigrants to prove that fact. Educate yourself.

  8. Man, I really appreciate Ari Melber and his straightforward, smooth delivery and consistency in asking the real questions. Great Job to all those brave journalists who are relentless in telling America’s unfolding story.

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