Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: August 5th | MSNBC 1

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: August 5th | MSNBC


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  1. The USA needs to accelerate progress in the fight to end poverty and boost shared prosperity in a sustainable and inclusive manner. Engaging citizens and mobilizing communities in the process can help bring greater transparency, accountability, and social inclusion, thus improving development results.

    1. If poor people voted in this country en masse, politicians would have a eureka moment and magically discover how to eradicate poverty overnight.

    1. @Wark Mahlberg so I’m guessing with you’re thatcher comment your British, well the NHS is socialism in action, underfunded for sure but it’s still a socialist principle. Capitalism doesn’t work, nor does socialism, but together it’s a powerful combination.

    2. @Wark Mahlberg especially when the super rich pay no taxes while we wait for the trickle di trickle da trickery done effects and they have ‘fun’ flying to space

  2. Ask the questions differently: are good paying jobs beyond democracy? Is a healthy population with good water and air and safe housing beyond democracy? Is racial equality beyond democracy? Is justice beyond democracy? Don’t ask about socialism and communism. Why is democracy having such problems?

    1. Grand taskmaster Satan must save us from ourselves, so as we might finally be free, to inject the meth of the open borders, eat garbage and street art bum crap on the sidewalk.

  3. I read a YouTube post some month ago:
    “Nixon was the president went criminal.
    Trump is the criminal went president.”

    1. What crimes has Trump been convicted? I watched him very closely throughout his entire presidency and since he has been retired to Florida. I have asked insiders to give me solid proof of crimes that even his family has committed but I have received absolutely no information, no proof only wild speculation.

    2. @T. R. Campbell Convicted? None yet, but have you already forgotten? The investigations are underway. Keep defending him.

  4. Why argue “Socialism”? Freeing people from the corporate stranglehold terrifies big business, so name calling is their last resort, along with Fascism.

    1. Truly. In other countries people would strike for living wages, but in the US many people have relied on their jobs for insurance and union busting has been a sport for decades. Big business has had Americans right wear they want them.

    2. @Yourdeadmeat69 Asking me to account for something that I did not say is entirely irrational.

    3. @T. R. Campbell Socialism nor communism have never been tried anywhere, any time. Because some countries are referred to as communist or socialist doesn’t make it true. Russia and China have always been State Capitalist.

    4. Yeah, trying to sound the alarm about “socialism” is the exact same thing that the Fascists bellowed about when they were coming into power. And right now is there that much difference between the Republicans and the Fascists? I don’t believe that there is.

  5. Mitch prefers middle-class suffer while funding elitist socialism…Amy won Kentucky…RECOUNT Kentucky

  6. Donald Trumps actions were in plain sight , the facts are there. DOJ next step a criminal investigation

    1. Grand taskmaster Satan must save us from ourselves, so as we might finally be free, to inject the meth of the open borders, eat garbage and street art bum crap on the sidewalk.

    2. @McCoot Why spew such UTTER nonsensicality? Is it what you are doomed to do for Money? Esp You, but everybody knows this is nothing but a Lie. Republicans are thieves for rich people? Dem bums try, but none match the Red butt-butcherds?

  7. McConnell and his reactionaries’ willfully ignorant ab/use of the term “socialism” is actually giving socialism a good name…
    And you know that if Jesus were around and tried to enter the U.S. today, the Reactionaries, sorry: Republicans, would ship him off to Guantanamo or some such place in a heartbeat – if they didn’t lynch him right away for being brown and advocating values such as justice, compassion, and brotherly love…

  8. Please for you and the rest of the world stay focus in the 2022 elections, we don’t want that clown’s back!

  9. Oh God, Schumer was excellent Just look at the smile of Moscow Mitch, kind of ‘oh man what a fool I’m’

  10. Why isn’t McConnell censored for disturbing lies about the facts of what our nation has experienced and have heard him rebuff in the past. He’s a worthless fence-walking politician.

    1. For the same reason Gym Jordan, Matt Gaetz and the rest of the trumplicans aren’t, I’d like to know why also.

    2. @Frenchblue8 I hope it’s taking this long for a very good reason, too many people hv suffered and died because of their need for money and power.

  11. Mcconnell is playing politics. He is spewing his evil per usual. Bye bye Mcconnell…

  12. About time McConnell gets his “come uppin’s”!!! Hit the Road Jack…and don’t come back no mo!!!

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