Watch The Best Moments ‘The Beat’ In 2019 | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

As ‘The Beat’ wraps the year in news, take a look at some of the highlights from 2019, from on-air group hugs, to Professor Michael Eric Dyson freestyling, to awkward silences and more. Aired on 12/30/19.
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Watch The Best Moments 'The Beat' In 2019 | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Ari…. Fat Joe’s new Yesssssssss song, Still Telling….. I’m sure you’ll need that one before the week is over regarding impeachment


    Go Bernie Sanders! And here’s why!

    Democratic Socialism actually means using taxpayers money by government to either promote/subsidize/incentivize/bailout any socioeconomic activity not wholly owned by the state or provide basic necessities of livelihood protection for citizens in addition to catering for other civic responsibilities like the armed forces as well. That’s the common sense definition of democratic socialism in totality.

    With that said, in reality prejudices borne out of ideological differences compounded with human tendency to discriminate has over the years made application obscured instead of wholesome.

    Human tendency to be influenced by the glamour of self aggrandizement for power created immoral ruling class in government who chose to redefine democratic socialism in a selfish manner that ultimately dislodged wider population who actually pay taxes that provide the fund.

    So obscured that their new definition now means giving huge tax breaks to corporations and their billionaires owners even with proven republicans misleading intent that otherwise claimed to create trickle down economics pushed through over the years without any positive effect but instead tends to nurture endless poverty.

    Again remember those corporations tax breaks actually means that the poor workings class people will now pay more than necessary if the tax system was fairly regulated proportionate to everyone’s income to cover the huge tax breaks given to the RICH and their CORPORATIONS, amazing right?

    Yes, in republican obscurity Democratic socialism now also means propping up capitalism model that discriminates by bailing out failed banks with taxpayers money when they go bankrupt for making risky investment because they are too big to fail and their executives who made this reckless decision for toxic investments never get jailed but instead given millions in allowances as bonus while keeping blind eye to exploding budget deficit which they decried under Obama administration.

    When Democratic socialism benefits the upper class and their cronies with republicans obscurity it’s called incentives for promoting businesses in capitalism but when it means providing basic necessities like free tuition, affordable healthcare and free water and subsidized accommodation for ordinary citizens it’s called communist socialism. In republican obscurity.

    This is the reason why Bernie Sanders is uniquely qualified to be the next president of the United States because he is the champion of Democratic Socialism that works for everybody from bottom up within the definition of pure and applied principles of true capitalism which meant free market economy and the promotion of fair justice.

    Elizabeth warren will make a formidable vice presidency team setting a stage for woman president in 2024.

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