1. GM is opening a car battery plant, cars that run on batteries, in Ohio, and GM is investigating 2.2 billion in a new plant in Detroit, says a lot about Justin Trudeau and his liberals they our closing natural resources companies all over the country .

    1. When has a gun illegally or legally obtained killed anyone without a person who pulled the trigger. The person is the problem not an object.

    1. How will you get your oil to other markets? Lol B.C wouldn’t exit and Quebec sure as hell wouldn’t let you put any pipelines through them

    2. Do you mean Vancouver wouldn’t allow it ? Because let’s be real here.. The majority of BC ridings are on side with Alberta’s stance on the natural resources sector.. especially in areas where the trans mountain pipeline project will run through ( with the exception of Vancouver obviously )

  2. Just a little off topic here. I see Bill Morneau sitting next to the emperor of Canada with an ear piece, just wondering if he understands English? That whole group behind the emperor look tired, even after such a long break.

  3. Libs retained power by sneaking a million immigrants into canadian cities to expand their vore base. The rest of canada voted otherwise.

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