Watch the full update on the COVID-19 pandemic by federal ministers and public health officials

Federal ministers and public health officials give an update on the COVID-19 pandemic and take questions from reporters.

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    1. @Robert Pascuttini Soooo your implying the government only knows exactly what the public knows you deffinetly need to spend less time asking others to get a life and spend more time reading up on politics u might change ur point of view.

    2. @TheBMan Correct tell that to Robert Pascuttini who seems to have not yet realized what role he actually plays in our world in 2020.

    3. @Vanessa Poloniato Parts of the public ARE uneducated. If you’re offended because your to smart for this, then you’re not smart enough to realize not everyone knows this stuff. Also, What truth? You’re talking like you know something they don’t.

    1. @animals don’t lie

      I voted for Trudeau. He gave the impression that he had conviction like his father. Turns out that he’s a hypocrite….tries to solve one problem then creates 5 new ones in the process. He can’t deal with consequences well.

  2. I was trying to listen as carefully as I could, but I didn’t hear them say anything concrete. The kind of language they use is meant to placate without promising anything. It is incredibly frustrating.

    1. This wasn’t really a “promise something” type of update. It’s more an update on how things are progressing. But to highlight a couple of concrete points that were made:

      On border crossings:
      – Don’t do it unless it is essential to your livelihood. Border authorities will be verifying and enforcing this. The policy is expected to come into effect Saturday. Trade will continue as it is essential for providing goods and services.

      On indigenous communities:
      – The main objective is to make money available as soon as possible. However, communities do not need to declare a state of emergency to have access to these funds. The progress we’ve made since previous pandemics in infrastructure investment, health care access, etc. have better positioned these communities to respond to the pandemic.

      On social distancing:
      – The main objective is still to flatten the curve. We are still ahead of our peak, but ideally we would like to never hit it. This is the responsibility of Canadians to self-isolate as necessary.

      On COVID-19:
      – Seniors and immune-compromised individuals remain at the highest risk. Of the 10 deaths reported, 4 came from the same care facility.

    2. @nick1234123412341234 Lol you very evidently understand jackshit about handling a populace in fear or basic politics.

  3. How would we know if we “flatten the curve” if they’re only testing those hospitalized and their contacts not everyone showing symptoms especially since now we know there is carriers who don’t show symptoms?!

    1. What I want to know is I hear that China know about this sickness of a year or more if that is true then why were they letting ppl leave China and letting ppl come in

    2. international students demanding to be allowed in and temporary foreign workers too even tho school and work places are shutting down 🙄

    3. We can’t Trudeau’s first mistake was calling Canadians back home you should stay where you are and not risk bringing something home, secondly he lied about screening at air ports you only need to say you did Not come from Wuhan and you’re let right in!

    4. the number of severe cases should also flatten

      that said, you’re right and ultimately Canada does need to test everyone …. Canada just has no capacity to produce more tests yet.

  4. “We’re moving as diligently as we can to deploy those monies to children…” – Marc Miller. Tomorrow, next week, next month Mr. Minister?

    1. Children aren’t getting this their elders are. Why getting money to children. Again they are talking through their asses.

    2. Maybe you shouldn’t rely on the government for money, its called saving for issues such as losing a job or being laid off, try saving some money from your next job or your first job by the look of your comment.

  5. They really are transparent, you look listen and digest then you realize there is nothing there. I guess this is the version of transparency this committee is using.

    1. Their handlers know cures already exist. In particular a
      100% cure rate with Chloroquine phosphate: watch?v=V81BqljIoXs
      They used this to help cure it in China and now using in S Korea which
      has the lowest.cases. HK used it in the past to get rid of the SARS
      outbreak and they too have a low number of cases. Looks like they may
      try to drag this on as long as they can for unclear reasons

    2. Breaking news, an OCD outbreak just shortly after Corona. Experts are concerned it was the Russians.

    1. @Dannelle Williams

      Not necessarily. Have you been to the ER? Everybody is sick from COVID19. Me too. The ER doctor himself says he’s sick. He said “everybody has it”. If we plateau before June it’ll mean students will need to stay in school for the summer.

    2. M Bos obey the government numbskull. Are you brain dead? Unless you have a militia of 2000 motivated well trained men stfu and get back inside.

  6. 9:06 they say there is “a little less then 10 mis left” why do they then only televise 5 mins of questions … Sounded like the questions were getting real.

  7. I think this is a hard serious situation,doesn’t matter what government is in they all would screw it up they drag there feet then over react

    1. Always neglected. Deaf and HoH persons are gonna think the translator missed something, meanwhile our government dances around giving straight answers.

  8. She is trying to work with open borders Trudeau. And the planes are still landing in Vancouver and Roxem road is still open to illegals. China still burning bodies.

  9. It’s quite interesting that the video was cut when the critical questions began. They may or may not have been on point, but it’s in the public interest to hear the exchange.

    1. The video was just cut off there, it was completely answered but they upload the minimum 13 minutes for dat Moni

    2. @Syntaxical okay so were is the full version of this video because i would love to hear the complete video

    1. 13 minutes of trying to understand this woman. Oh but thats racist – wanting a person who has a coherent accent explain to me how serious this cornavirus situation is.

    2. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Nah I think he was talking about how everything she said is a bunch of empty promises

  10. She says “I’ll see how Canadians doing in these couple of weeks?” 🤔

    Sounds like she’s ready to blame this whole crisis on Canadians if it’s going to spread! Shame!

    Why didn’t you close the borders at least one and a half month ago? Why are you not doing aggressive testing? YOU the health authorities and the government let this happen and when you realize it’s too late to stop it you’re trying to hint that all this will be Canadians fault if spreads ??? Have you no shame at all! Useless officials!!!

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