1. Here’s something interesting to think about: Any World War 2 veteran still alive today has to be at least 94 years old if they turned 18 in 1945.

    1. @Raheel is that what truly matters here? We are here to honor our war dead and pay our respects. The least the PM could do, is show up on time!!! Grow up.

    2. @Lola Hunter Yes to go and see his secret boyfriend in Tofino, a little birdie told me who might know somebody on his security detail

  2. WWII veterans … when men were real men… unlike the so called “men” of today. Thank you veterans for your sacrifices, so that we can live in peace today.

    1. It’s ironic to hear this as the same thing was being said about young men living in urban areas in the 1910s, prior to WW1. Since you clearly seem to have forgot, they served in droves and many died. Show some respect, and don’t bring your politics into this.

    1. true – but a suspicious package was found near the cenotaph. The ceremony was already underway when the RCMP cleared the package safely allowing the dignitaries to arrive

  3. According to Veterans’ Affairs there were over 1 million Canadians that served in WWII. Now there are about 39,700 with their average age being 94.

    1. @Jimmy Ray I don’t know how you came to that conclusion .. seems a little silly when you have no evidence to support that

    2. @Norsemen88 looked into this for several years. I promise you it’s the truth. I don’t have much of the evidence saved but I can find some and make some arguments.

  4. That Bugler and the Lady Piper are a total credit to Canada – they more than compensated for the insults of tardiness by Trudeau and the GG.

  5. my great grandfather was in the wars i don’t remember if it was World War I or World War II but I know he did survive although he got hurt in the war and deciced to give up

  6. Lest we forget. Per Cap[ita Canada Lost more Men/Women in Action then any other Country in the World

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