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  1. Donald suffered a great deal of permanent neurological damage after he was caught in that horrible Cheetos Factory Explosion. 😡

    1. @rowellster ‘work”. A word more feared by liberals more than “job”

      Bu bu bu bu muh free stuff!!!!

    2. @Mueller Time I know know you watch Faux news, dont continue to show your bias because your boys say it and show it. Duh come on man be honest with me

    3. Mueller Time – yes I get you. Cluck cluck, gibber, gibber. My old man’s a mushroom etc. Work is an anathema to all Trumpist, so I apologise for the insult. I should have said, ‘get back to grifting’. I’m sure you’ll agree that Trump’s contribution to humanity is a little less than that of a bewildered amoeba. History will eviscerate him.

    4. @Norman Price lol. First of all… Isn’t fox labeled”entertainment”? Lol keeps treason charges from being issued for fake news. Second, who owns fox? A liberal commie pinko named Rupert Murdock? Who runs it? His liberal son? Fox is fake news.

      Now… Third:. Did fox news entertainment make Nick sandman a millionaire?

      You inbreeding cultists are hilarious 😅🤣😆😅🖕

    5. @rowellster grifting. Lol. Remember when liberals burned down their own cities but forgot to burn down the welfare offices?🤣😅🤣😅😂😅😂😅🤣😂🖕🖕🖕🖕🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  2. “In Reality, They’re Not After Me, They’re After You. I’m Just In the Way”.
    Donald Trump.

    1. @Brenda Zorros hahahaha so Ralph northam is burning down your cities in his 1984 Halloween costume? 🤣😆🤣😅😅🌈

      You conspiracy theorists are hysterical. What’s it like being on the wrong side of history??

      Nov 7, 2019

      up $401 in 8 years under Bush
      up $1,043 in 8 years under Obama
      up $5,240 in <3 years under Trump

      The tax cut also added an additional $2,500 to a typical family of four’s after-tax incomes. So after taking account of taxes owed, the income of most middle-class families is up closer to $6,000 in the Trump era.

    1. Nanny Mcphee : Can’t get off the racist crap, can we ? Right now ? Omar and Cortez are the best salesmen for republicans they could have. Just like Obama was the best gun salesman a gun company could ever have. They enjoyed record sales under him.

    2. Liberals are the most racist and unintelligent people I’ve ever met. 🎶

    3. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 The last 17 weeks over 1.3 million have filed unemployment every single week. Do the math. If we had handled pandemic like Canada this would not have happened. Only trump’s negligence, selfishness and incompetence to blame. And those that bow to a lazy conman have blood on their hands too, filthy traitor.

  3. t’rump tweets about beans: 6
    t’rump tweets about Russia hacking Twitter or bounties on our troops: 0

    1. @Ro G Adam Schiff received the same unverified intel in February that the President did in his PDB and said nothing. Why Ro G? Because it was unverified and discredited. Same as the Steele dossier that started Russian collusion and the Mueller Report. Next!

    2. @Peter Bills Umm, Schiff doesn’t command the military, nor does he control the State department, numb nut.
      It’s pretty weak sauce to be defending t’rump’s complete rolling over for Putin. Not a good look, son. 😅😂

    3. do you EVER have something constructive to say RO ? its all about your TDS… THERE IS SO MUCH HATE IN YOUR HEART

    4. @Paul Wilson Don’t confuse my calling out t’rump’s incompetence as hate. It’s mostly mockery for the guy who once said, “I’m like a really smart person” and “maybe if we could get the disinfectant inside the body…” 😅😂🤣

  4. There are so MANY connections between Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein.

    1. @Bruce Gardner amen he is always bring. Up about some body else the shoe is on your foot own it but you are not smile

  5. If the only way to get rid of a life and death threat is to vote it out of office then the government protects politicians before We the People, ALL POLITICIANS LIE- REVOLT

    1. REVOLT — Im with you !! If I were a juror on such a jury I would surely vote the shooter NOT GUILTY — Your way is the ONLY way. REVIOLT where the man with the orange skin is the ONLY target.

  6. Great job Mary. Bring it all out on the loser. Sorry you had to go through all the crap with the loser Trump.

    1. Trump and his cabal have established the new COVID – Confederation Of Village IDiots. Report back to work guys, your villages are missing you…

    2. @rowellster You’re so sweet. Biden should fit right in. Do you think he will alight from his rec room? Remember when his teeth almost fell out during a debate? Remember when he said “blafrican american”? That was so funny and he doesn’t even know it.

  7. Whatever, Daddy’s boy has got to go. Lots of people have family problems, they get therapy and work through it.

  8. It took a sadist to design a policy that tearing away children from their mother/dad and put them in cages would make others stop coming to the Boulder.

    1. I agree cold blood and I pray all who back him is just as bad to take chicken away from family is as low as a person can go

  9. Once you understand that narcissists will never feel empathy, it is easier to just move on and away! We do not want that in the People’s House!

    1. bingo! right on! reporters and pundits keep attempting to judge and deal with him as if he were a regular person. he is not. he feels no empathy. he is a narcissist. we need to move from asking why or how–and simply get him out of his position as president. he is doing so much harm, and so many people are, no exaggeration, dying or dead. this is a kind of mass murder frankly. and it has to be stopped. we can look at how and why it is happening later. when he is gone. right now, we continue to waste time. and more people die.

  10. If u didn’t know what American Authoritarianism looks like well nows your time to pay attention. If Trumps wins in 2020 we will be no different than how Putin runs Russia!

  11. Trump says he’s a “war president in this pandemic,” I didn’t think he would be on the side of the Enemy virus!

  12. I’m hearing this, and believe it 100%, but I can’t get over the fact, that half of our population, knowing the kind of person was, voted for him. They wondered about Hillary, they suspected, they heard rumors, they thought Hillary was bad. But we all we watched and we saw him for factual reasons that Donald J Trump was and is a horrible disgusting man and these people voted for him. Which worries me very much that half of this population is probably psychopaths, or just disillusioned misinformed idiots.

    1. And after Trump is gone America will still have to deal with that half of your population that will be waiting for someone else to mislead and exploit them because they can’t tell the difference.


    1. Our biggest worry should be the time between November and January when he finally leaves the White House! He can deal us a death blow in those two months!’

  14. I always thought that the American system would protect its citizens from a bad president (for the most part). Boy was that wrong! Trump is our own American Nero, fiddling while the US burns.

  15. Trump fooled a whole lot of people and now he is killing us daily while he goes about his business and his life

  16. The Marines and military needs to go into the White House now! And remove Donald Trump physically!!!

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