Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: March 10 | MSNBC

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the new $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill. Watch The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell weeknights at 10 p.m. ET on MSNBC.
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Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: March 10 | MSNBC


  1. Senator Schumer’s finally the senate LEADER 🎉 Such a nice feeling to see McConnell knocked off his pedestal he never should’ve reigned.

    1. @לוין חנניה כהן לוין it is when it is a very universal feeling shared by many millions. Your opinion on the other hand belongs in the rubbish heap or on Trump Island where you all should move to. Keep sending him all that money for his lawsuits to prove he won the election and he should be able to buy you people an island where he can be king. I bet you can’t wait. We can’t either we can’t wait till you people are out of here. I welcome the immigrants who truly want freedom who had the courage to leave their homes to face a completely unknown future. All they know is freedom, they’re running away from fascism and towards freedom. I welcome them and want you trumpers gone. In my opinion they are welcome in your place. They might actually appreciate America and not try to trash it

    1. Everyone of them and that better include Hawley, Cruz, MTG and every other politician who was in on the traitorous seditious insurrection!!!!

    1. @The Tweatles : A clear majority of the American people have made clear
      they regard individual number 1 as unfit for public office.
      The fascist extremist elements have split the right and do not have significant support.
      Individual number 1 FAILED to win the popular vote in either election.
      He FAILED to attain an approval rating of 50% even once in a four year term in which he was twice impeached, and when voted out, his approval rating was at 29%. He is currently facing investigations as a result of attempting to coerce election officials to alter the vote count and other matters arising from his criminally corrupt behaviour while in office.
      What is it about all of that that impresses you ?

  2. Americans should never forget January 6th & never allow Trump or any of his family to hold public office again.

    1. @Reason I looked it up~ & the only requirements for the Presidency have nothing to do with one’s criminal record. I guess unless found guilty of treason, which is a shootable offense. It is much more difficult to run for Miss America.

    2. @Angael Tartar Rose: I never said that someone with a criminal record can’t run for President. But obviously if you’re in prison you can’t serve in office. And America has never, nor will, elect a convicted criminal to federal office.

    3. Yes! And whats so shameful above all of it. Ivanka refered to those White Supremictcists as ‘PATRIORS’ on her TWITTER FEED DURI G THE DEADLY DESTRUCTION.
      SHE GAVE PRAISE TO VIOLENT DEADLY TAITORS. And Trust this She is bank8ng on aa career in Politics. We wint allow this to happen. Shes not evel litterate. She has no clue how to fight for anything. Everything shes ever had was handed to her.
      She, Nekabia, Mango Nusollini all need to be deported frim Anerica nd surrender thier passports. All pripwrties seized. Or perhaps she nd The Nango No Monstrosity would find prinsin more adequwte. Let them live in isolatuon, malnutrited, stuck them in the sane kiving conditions bas the refugees abd chuldren at rhe border.

  3. He certainly has gotten me excited! It’s the best news I’ve heard out of the government in 40 to 50 years!
    And now we need to fight fight fight in the right way! Not with guns, not with fists & not with flagpoles! The Democratic way, Justice for all! Jail for the rest of them, let them have their Justice…

  4. I pray that all of those in leadership continue to be protected as they make decision in Uniting America back together.

    1. MsMoss I’m sure you’re a very good person, but thoughts and prayers have a very poor track record in solving problem or the aftermath of disasters.
      Even from the outside, I also wish that the American government is able to reunite the American people. After saying that I also recognise that one side of the confrontation (GOP/Trump) is openly declaring the intention to suppress the other side both politically with vote suppression/filibuster and physically with attacks on Capitol and on adversaries , reconciliation could be very difficult in such situation. Maybe instead of prayer a call to the politician near you could be more effective.

  5. I noticed that there was continuous flashes back and forth to the Presidents live streaming then to the crowds. I have never seen such INCITEFUL HATRED AND INSANITY…….from the person responsible and his family, and his fans!

    1. I thought of adolf hitler in the 1930 in germany.Hitler asked:do you want total war and the crowd screamed :yes

  6. Shumer is a really good guy i love his sense of humour and honesty . A good sense of right and wrong

    1. He hasn’t been the Senate Majority in so long let’s keep it that way 💙💙🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. Yes! His energy and full heartedness are wonderfully refreshing, they really really are! I LIKE him 👍

    1. Every man can turn into an animal . Just tap into the fear of a person and he is easily radicalized. It happens on both extreme sides of the political spectrum . On the left it’s called Communism , on the right Facism.
      The root of all evil is fear . All dictators tap(ped) into that very human emotion.
      On the other side of fear there are a few good things that make us HUMAN.
      Love ,empathy and the ability to THINK.

    2. @Chris Tates fortunately the majority most often chooses compassion and reason. While evil may prevail for a time, and can even seem as though it may actually oppress the world… Good men and women will not stand by and do nothing and that’s why slavery in America fell, the Third Reich fell, just as trumpism will fall, and for the exact same reason.

  7. I was very impressed by Chuck Schumer- he spoke from the heart and made eminent sense about the needs and aspirations of the country. More power to his elbow!

  8. Schumer looks less stressed here than he ever was in the last 4 years. How refreshing to hear such positivity without grandstanding !

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