Watch the moment Air Force One lands at Ottawa International Airport

U.S. President Joe Biden has landed at Ottawa International Airport, where he will be greeted by Canada’s Governor General Mary Simon.

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    1. @Diane Denham Then there was that toilet paper “supply chain” issue a couple of yrs back. Seemed to be about the same time that some bright spark in office who was whining that everyone always has to flush fifteen times. Connection?

    1. Fun fact: There are always doctors and a medical suite onboard the Air Force One 24 hours a day. Let’s not even begin to discuss how much money those guys make annually. The Air Force One can accommodate up to 102 passengers and is essentially a mobile command centre with wings. Boeing truly created a masterpiece aircraft for the president, but sadly, this will be decommissioned very soon. Air Force One can stay in the air indefinitely because it refuels mid-air, has three floors, 85 phones, armoured plating on the body and the glass, and more defensive mechanics on board that are kept a secret. It can also travel at the speed of sound at that size, believe it or not.

    2. @Patrick Saint-Jean thank you for that! Sadly decommissioning but making room for something even more advanced! Like we will have to do ourselves someday! Ahah

    1. Ever since John F. Kennedy stepped foot in there, it’s always been a beast, sadly they’re decommissioning the Air Force one very soon with something else.

    2. @Patrick Saint-Jean they are being replaces with modified 747-8i fuselages

  1. There was actually TWO Airforce ones in the air. One was trackable (decoy) and the other is the one you are watching in this clip. Three planes had to be diverted (greatly delayed) because of this landing (AC458, JZA7710 and GJS4384) .. a press release said that regular commercial, military, cargo traffic would be able to land/depart as normal. What changed? Who is going to compensate passengers ?

    1. @Huan Nguyen Passengers should not have to pay out of pocket because their plane was diverted so Air Force One can land. It’s not fair to them.

    2. The fuzzy plane that we’re actually seeing against that smudgy Ottawa background is just a poster board mock-up. Same as the cargo that it was designed to haul.

    3. Imagine what happens in Ottawa ! But they are world leaders and we elected them so it is just something they have a right to as far as I am concerned! And I can handle the hassle to keep them safe because they are humans just like any person doing their job !

    4. @#me absolutely! safety is priority one, but I think the diversions should never have happened. it was well known in advance what the landing time was going to be, and rather than taking off, circling mid air for hours and then being diverted to another airport hundreds of miles away, it would have been better to delay take off or cancel and rebook on a later flight . my main concern is that airlines will put the onus on passengers to PAY to get back to Ottawa from their diverted airport. One flight had to turn back to the United States after crossing paths with the decoy Air Force one. What about those passengers?

    1. He’s cautious now going the stairs or Trudeau will be insulted if he tumbles maybe also paramedics are on lookout 👀 and stretcher ready..😂😂

  2. The WH is concerned about Sleepy Joe’s abysmal record of negotiating stairs so they are replacing the old stairs with an escalator on AF1

  3. New plane or the plane got a renovation? The colour pallet is like a whisper soft , the old colour pallet was bold and strong! Interesting!

    1. It sounds like you’re comparing the Batman movies… from your own interesting perspective.
      “Paging Dr. Freud!”

    2. Being a Canadian I was raised in the United States , And America and Americans have been bold ,proud and strong, I just fined the softer colours interesting and makes me wonder if the USA may start to show a softer side !

  4. That haze you see is the persistent state of sleepy Joe’s mind. It follows him around just like Eeyore’s raincloud.

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