1. nerds jump for joy at pay check bonus bot stunt far from earth, while 50 meters from me a family of 4 starve to death

    2. @edmundo oliver I’m not. I died after I got COVID in the womb and my mother (who was conveniently born) decided to have my almond sized non individual person terminated.

    3. @Big Picture Thinking O….M…G… You poor person!!!!
      MY story is so similar!!!!! I was born an almond sized Covid pre-history man!!!!

      WHAT are the odds??????

      I TRIED to live a Covid fee life, but the Israelis kept printing muh money to ASHES.

      So I came to the realization that although I am a “useless eater” (-Kissenger) to THEM in Isrrael, WE….ALL of us should FIGHT Israel.

  1. This is the biggest news story on Mars in years and years. Imagine how excited the Martian news reporters are atm.

    1. The atmospheric pressure of Mars is Tiny. Your number would be accurate if you added a decimal points and about three zeros before

    2. @Calvin Parish How does it feel to know that you and your kind have absolutely no future..? Because that’s the truth.

    3. @Calvin Parish Why is it wrong to care about our environment and how greenhouse gasses affect it? Seriously, this is why you people are seen as a bunch of old people stuck in QAnon or flat earth conspiracy theories. The more you ridicule science and reason, the less people are going to follow your backwards ideologies.

  2. NASA needs to send a cameraman there already, everyone knows cameramen have extremely durable plot armor, he’ll survive the landing

    1. @Calvin Parish your point would be more effective if you could spell ‘beta’…
      And ‘observing’…
      But well done you for trying…

    1. Yep I constantly try to grasp that if you dont feel a rush thinking of it I don’t know if your fully comprehending it.

    2. I try to force myself to be impressed but honestly, Mars is a barren wasteland. Maybe if we landed on Titan this would be different

  3. imagine if the huygens probe had such quality cameras as the perservancer (or whatever) has, when it was landing on titan

  4. *Just think if the Rover exploded on Landing then that would have been billions of dollars wasted! So happy it landed in peace.*

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