Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: March 16 | MSNBC 1

Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: March 16 | MSNBC


Watch as Joy Reid conducts one-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers while addressing provocative political issues both inside and outside of the beltway. The Reidout airs weekdays at 7 p.m. ET on MSNBC.
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Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: March 16 | MSNBC


  1. This Pandemic has caused me to seek Mental health… This is B.S but im home safe and sound… Mental anguish classAction

    1. Take care of yourself Mary. In spite of all springtime is only a few inches away. Trump, McConnell and McCarthy are dead men walking at least politically, and the world is on the boiling point with sane and positive humans. And a few handfuls of misled others. So. Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag and smile, smile, SMILE… 🎶🍀💚🍀💚😉

    2. Hang in there. Things do get better, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment. Sending you a perfectly sanitized hug!!

    3. Class is earned & worth it . Don’t know why so many these days wouldn’t grasp the concept , if it offered a dictionary , thesaurus & wikipedia site . Puppies & babies , timeless joy .

  2. Some people are just crazy if they catch that virus they may want to change their mind that virus isn’t anything to take for granted trust me

    1. @Paul Wilson and yet you just felt the need to drop by and pick a arguement with a person who used the phrase “Trust Me” ?

  3. I go shopping first thing when they open, grab what I require and get out. Avoiding other people!

    1. @Vincentia Van Gogh then don’t make healthy people behave like lepers: isolate, protect and look after only the old and infirm! People die … Did you notice people stopped dying of most other causes? How crazy is that? Isn’t it how we got 500k “covid deaths”?

    2. @Terry Borzoff People still died of other diseases, that did not stop. I have physicians and nurses friends that worked front line. They have sobering stories.
      But you know, do you. I guess ignorance is bliss for the covid-denying crowd. You keep on barking out Trump-logic. I am done with this conversation. Goodnight.

    3. @Vincentia Van Gogh yeah, 45% or more of those “hard deadly covid cases” came straight from nursing homes in 5 states. You know, where the governors decided to send other “milder” covid patients to recover, so that hospitals don’t get overburdened … Ingnoreance is bliss, in deed. I’ve also seen the “young and mostly healthy” ones too, at 300lb at the age of 17.

    4. @Vincentia Van Gogh we don’t even know to this day how many elderly people (9,000-19,000) died in hospitals from New York nursing homes due to the “wise” policy to fill those places with covid-19 patients.

  4. I use to teach school. Early Childhood…
    K~3. What if the children in my classroom had no RULES OR CONSEQUENCES…!!???? Teaching wouldn’t happen. Tired of these people and their BS!!! They deserve the KARMA that happens for believing that they somehow don’t NEED to Follow the Rules. SMH and RMEyes.

    1. Yes frankly, they do! Tragically however, is that their negligence and stubborn disregard for the deaths that this may ultimately lead to – usually falls on the Innocents, whom DO, follow the Guidelines!!

  5. Joy … Living up to your name with your word choice and take it to ’em statements and probing questions … You go girl …

  6. Americans are the most hardheaded people won’t follow CDC guidelines we’re never gonna get rid of Covid19

    1. These Republicans governors, and Senator leaders along with Donald J Trump, has fed the American people a lie. To disregard the lives of your constituents the people of your state and Country. There neglect is incomprehensible to risk the lives of the American people.
      They need to be held accountable for their neglect and safety of the people.

    2. CDC guidelines: They just released a study this week showing during a 100 day period last year, masks reduced Covid-positive tests by a whopping 1.8%. That *includes* an even wider margin of error. In other words, for the cerebrally stunted, that means that masks help “ZERO PERCENT” in reducing positives. Meanwhile people like yourselves are likely embracing vaccines, untested mRNA vaccines that are brand new to humanity with zero long term tests, and you have zero understanding about a phenomenon called immune escape, based on viral shedding of vaccinated people. In other words, with the new mutations now being evidenced, it is possible the vaccines will make things MUCH worse.

      Had first-line therapeutics and natural remedies, studied plenty overseas and extremely effective, actually been talked about in the US, we would’ve had exactly two weeks worth of mask wearing at most and allowed nature to herd immune, and we would not be going through this ridiculous charade. Sweden peaked hard, then sank, just as they should have since carona viruses have been around for generations.

      Most of those “hardheaded” people simply study the *actual science* as compared to listening to just ONE egomaniac (Fauci) dictate the collapse of our entire planet. More. ONS.

    3. The harder people that won’t follow the CDC are the teachers unions, the CDC says it is safe to go back to school.

    1. @Terry Spak You have the cure but refuse to share it with an ailing world? If true, that paints you in a very bad moral light. But I strongly suspect it’s just bs and you’re a liar… which also paints you in a very bad moral light.

    2. @Buff Straw I don’t care about either at all. I care only about myself and those around me. The vaccines will likely cause enough variant concerns that there’s no way I would publicize what I’m using. It’s not so much about “painting” me in any way, as compared to just being extremely prudent.

    3. @Terry Spak ““The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” – John Kenneth Galbraith.
      You fit the description perfectly. I’ll wager you are also a self-described “Christian” as well.

    4. @Terry Spak Dr. Jonas Salk refused to patent his polio vaccine. He was far more interested in helping people than pursuing his own narrow self-interest. “Would you patent the Sun?” he asked. That’s one way Salk was very different than you. The other major difference, of course, is that you haven’t discovered any cure or vaccine. He was a true healer and accomplished something great. You are merely a fantasist with delusions of grandeur.

    5. @Terry Spak “I assure you, there are “zero” of your “scientific papers” behind [those remedies].”
      No need to reassure me of that. I’m absolutely certain you have never published any scientific papers. Just like I’m absolutely certain you possess no cure, remedy, or vaccine for Covid. Do you really think you’re fooling anyone? Are you actually that self-deluded? Well, you DID vote for Trump, so I guess we all know the answer to that.


  8. Its hard to talk common sense and facts to republican leader in congess, the money they get to be willfully stupid has made their judgement even worse

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