1. I don’t know !! Maybe we will see an amendment! He’s already made death threats against the judge and family! Take the trash in but take it out !!

    2. @Travis Davis Not on these 34 charges. 4-5 years, unless the details of the charges is not what we know.

    3. C Dubya, you’re probably right. I thought this was the Stormy Daniels case. Too Many to keep track of.

  1. Sitting in the courtroom, his toupee appeared to have been removed for a possible mugshot and then placed back up there upon his noggin. I’m betting the book-in staff took a photo and stored it on a flash drive so he can’t play victim with it.

  2. What a BEAUUUTIFUL sight..!!

  3. He once made placards saying “lock her (Hillary) up” now it has boomeranged and it’s sad all of a sudden.

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