WATCH: U.S. President Biden hails Canada’s natural resources #shorts

U.S. President Biden says he sees Canada's supply of critical minerals as being essential for the world's clean energy future.

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    1. ​@Faded Shaded Jaded I agree or else theyd be investing a few trilli on future energies long before now, if it even ammounts to anything beyond words

  1. Well I guess that explains the renewed love affair. They want/need our resources. Easy peazy – get rid of the softwood tariffs and maybe – we’ll talk. LOL

  2. He cancelled Keystone XL pipeline project as soon as he became a President. Does he think everyone has such a short memory?

  3. The kings natural resources*** not Canadians, we just simply slaved away for 150 years to build this country to be extorted into poverty.

  4. what he is really saying is Canada will be the perfect workhorse to supply our war effort. The whole speech oozed ww3 sentiment.

    1. Think of it like this… theres the potential he could give a tax cut… then the next day… forget that he did so and give another one 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. 786_Well Done Team Canada & USA. Fazal_E_Azeem and moved forward towards righteous direction of successes. Ameen Yes Ameen.

  6. Biden-Trudeau is the most legendary political duo in history. No one will ever be able to ruin people’s life like them. Bravado

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