Watergate journalist: Trump guilty of crimes against Democracy 1

Watergate journalist: Trump guilty of crimes against Democracy


Key Watergate figures Carl Bernstein and John Dean explain the differences between former Presidents Donald Trump and Richard Nixon following reports the Department of Justice under Trump demanded data on 73 phone numbers and 36 email addresses related to lawmakers.

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  1. At least thanks to Carl we know the Republican Playbook to kneecap Democracy and keep people from voting so they will win every time.

    1. @Gut’s Hub absolutely. I am an expat living in the Netherlands and voting takes me about 10 minutes max. There are polling stations everywhere. It’s obscene how long they make people wait to vote in the US, it’s downright inhumane sometimes and clearly discriminatory against people who cannot take time off from their jobs —who are, no surprise, not the wealthiest among us.

  2. At what point is enough enough? I don’t care what side of the fence you are on! At the end of the day RIGHT IS RIGHT, WRONG IS WRONG!!! PERIOD!!!!

    1. @luke i know you are, if the fool does not laugh it would not be the Tao. Proves it self every time. You may call a cat a fish it will not swim. Took the shot did ya? Oh well, go in peace my sun, may you laugh all the way to the grave

    1. @Jerry Beloin you don’t know many women? Ever asked your mother, grandmother? You’d keel over. I’m betting you’re not the kind of man they’d entrust with their stories.

    2. @Canadian Bacon That can also just mean previous accounts were shut down for community violations. Could be real people.

    1. @David Fromberg 100%. They started running misleading, hyper charged racial stories for 2 months before hand. They covered for the extreme violence the entire time. The news media, entertainment media, BLM/CIA, corporate America, intelligentsia, and DNC are all one and of the same appartus working in coordination.

    2. @David Fromberg
      You are because apparently you research everything! And don’t just follow the MSM like a Sheep. And Im wrong!
      I bow to your Superiority!
      Thus you are A American Patriot and Hero!

    3. @adat smith time for you to take your tinfoil hat off. Are you aware that most rioters don’t actually have a cause? They are anarchists. They have nothing to do with dnc, the media, RNC, BLM, Qanon, antifa, and white supremacy. All anarchists want on both sides is destruction. They aren’t interested in the cause. You can distinguish between “Riots and Rioters” and “Protests and protestors” right? You only need a little bit of brain power for that.

    4. @Have to wait and see! I’m an American and I don’t bow to anyone. That includes Trump. I don’t need labels such as patriot or hero. I’m just another fellow American.

    1. @Wuhan Institute Of Virology tell that to the Chinese during the Korean conflict or the NVA from the Vietnam war .
      Both fascists, now called conservatives thought that’s not what they are and communists are capable of dying for no good reason.
      Stupidity kills you might know that

    2. @Derek Franklin yeah black people should not protest when the police , paid to enforce law and protect people are murdering them.
      You spout racist talking points bro

    3. @Tom Drozd seriously lay off the MSNBC. All you are doing is spouting off MSM propaganda! Bro.

  3. “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” Seems like only yesterday.

    1. He didn’t do chit bro hahahaha
      he wanted to inject powerful heat in your body or bleach hahaha

      Trump is a dumb kid who told you he was baby cheeses and you believe him hahahah

      You have no shame bro

    2. @joe berean Funny you’re calling everybody stupid on here but you haven’t said one educated thing yourself.

    3. @Chuck Rambo Trump had NOTHING to do with the vaccine!!!!!
      The rest of the world created the vaccine!
      Trump didn’t encourage people to take it but took it himself!
      Go figure, smart boy!

    1. Who supplied the Money and funding and Personnel to turn Russia into a communist country?
      Who backed and funded Mao Tse Tung to turn China into a Communist Country?
      Who backed Mao Tse Trump to turn America into a Communist Country?
      There was a farmer had a dog Red Shield was his name O

    1. When any system is regulated to undermine the governed, all manner of corruption will be its predictable progeny.

  4. We need Garland on top of this start the investigation there are probably members in the administration who were involved.

  5. “Crimes against democracy”…and “marketing campaign against democracy”. He and his enablers look like an advertising agency hired by autocracies (China, Russia, etc) to undermine the existential threat that democracies represent for them

    1. A T 1984, hate sells, that’s been Trump’s philosophy, bigotry, racism and validating that among his followers. You can attempt to deny it, but his own words ads, and the endorsements by the KKK and other white supremacists groups prove it. The truth is that more people voted against Trump than any other candidate in history. It wasn’t an endorsement of Biden as much as a rejection of Trump. Trump used hate to build his base, but he also built a greater opposition by using it.

    2. @John DiGiacomo Trumps base is the working class that is tired of being shot on by politicians.

    3. @Leroy 100 The only part of the russier thing that wasn’t proven was an actual conspiracy, evidence wasn’t strong enough but that doesn’t say there was none….. also you forget the 10 examples of obstruction of justice along with campaign finance violations ( as individual one) which he can and should be prosecuted for. You also forgot the convictions and plea deals for people in the trumputin orbit… some of which donnie fatass issued pardons for….so to call it a failure is WRONG and a failure on your part junior. To call the Democrats crooks is more projection on your part…. BTW lets not forget his many gross abuses of power unrelated to Russia….he will go down as the absolute worst and most corrupt president in history.

    1. @NEO3 if you can give me one reason why you think Trump is a treason to the US , I can give you 5-1 on Biden… you first….

    2. @Gypsy Rose ROCKSTAR BADASS T**** went to the soviet union in the 80’s to get training and money from the KGB.

  6. That’s a new one, Crimes Against Democracy,send him to the ICC International Criminal Court.

    1. Do you remember when John Bolton said, there would be hell to pay if the ICC ever indicted US or their allies (Israel)?

  7. Trump is easily the most corrupt official to be ” elected ” he was never POTUS He used the office for his own and his family’s personal benefit .

    1. Brendan CD, your memory is as false as your statement. Seek professional help. There is something seriously wrong with you.

    2. @Brian Mitchell He meant to say Joe Biden is the most corrupt president in history. China even gave 10% of Hunters payoff money to the big guy.

    3. @B. T. didnt mention him you sad low IQ sycophant. Gas shortages, food shortages, materials shortages, skyrocketing inflation and a economy ready to collapse, yeah, creepy Joe is doing such a good job…..

    4. @AT 1984 you ppl are so funny best clowns since bozo lmao what do you think mitch did hahaha he went in poor and now rich lmao how you all worship the orange man and his pos thugs

    1. He told them to to a coplite on them. (A coplite is when the officer used to break the tail light of a vehicle as he walked up to the window of the driver)

    2. The kind of Trumpianesque dirt that he knows all too well as a supreme grifter. He’s the king of projection.

  8. “”we need to find out everything what happened during the trump presidency “: good luck with that when a complicit party is part of the investigative body

    1. @linford moore how their plan to keep gas prices low and wages rising has worked. Evil bastards.

    2. @adat smith and how to rig the system so you can stay in power forever, and amass riches for you and your cronies, and corrupt every gov’t agency….oh they had lots to talk about.

  9. Leaks under a “tortured interpretation of an old 1917 Act: the same one that has Snowden in exile, you know, that one. 7:04

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