Waukesha, Wisconsin officials give update on car plowing through Christmas parade | USA TODAY 1

Waukesha, Wisconsin officials give update on car plowing through Christmas parade | USA TODAY


Officials in Waukesha, Wisconsin, hold a news conference after a car plowed through the town's Christmas Parade.

A vehicle was seen plowing through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wis., which is just outside of Milwaukee.

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  1. All of my hopes and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones and to the city of Waukesha. Please know that there are a lot of us praying for all of you and sending you our hopes . To the 1st responders, I salute you and say Thank You for all you have done and are doing in this situation.

    1. I live in Waukesha 10 minutes from where this happened. I’m so scared but also thankful that my family is all safe. I truly am heartbroken for those at the parade tonight. I hope everything turns out ok 😭

    2. @Veda Schaefer I’m thanking Jesus Christ that your family is safe. It feels like I’ve had to send emergency prayers almost everyday this year because of something awful happening, but I will keep doing it so all of you will be safe!

    1. @Polish Army it wasn’t blacks mad about Kyle it was every human being that saw though his bs lies. Stop with all your lies and deceit. This does not appear to have anything to do with the ritten killer. I am wondering if the police chased him into the crowd though.

  2. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💔💔 prayers for all on this very sad day. It is so hard to believe that humans can do this to fellow humans, especially children.

    1. Darrell Brooks Junior, a Black Lives Matter supporter anti-government anti-trump psychopath who talked about how to get away with killing people with a car by running them over in a Twitter post recently… Hence forth why they’ve shut all of his accounts down. If the Internet is forever…

    1. BLM has always been senseless. It’s just a little bit harder to ignore right now with social media and the Internet trying to scrub Daryl Brooks Juniors posts from the internet.

    1. And black skin for the perpetrator… Daryl Brooks Junior. They’re in the process of erasing his anti-Trump pro communist rhetoric on Facebook. But there are archives… The Internet is forever

    2. Wisconsin is experiencing “ITS OWN” social consequences for “Not staying home.”

      🇺🇸President Biden told Wisconsin and the rest of The United States to “Stay Home.”

      Wisconsin, “You’re ALL gonna get run over by another SUV if y’all of Wisconsin can’t follow some 🇺🇸RULES.”

      It’s COMMON SENSE.

      Now is truly not the ⏰ to “party.”

      Yours Truly,
      🇺🇸Captain Se Young Owens Mooney,
      Registered NurseZZ CorpsZZ🍀

    3. I am a spiritualist. I can tell you that the universe has always known these things, nothing is a secret, never was, all is known… only personal perceptions in a veiled realm such as the Earth, pretends that there is. The purple heart is as much about the Human condition, as it is about individuals. Humanity has been enslaved for a long time, and if any here have ever heard the term ” the awakening ” that term refers to a time when Humanity is becoming awakened, and no longer plays anyone’s fool.

  3. These killers have become gruesome, my deep condolences to the victims and thier families, no person deserves to be treated this way. its senseless and brings a macabre feeling over the holiday season as people will now be on the alert for dangerous situations. 😔🙏❤️

    1. A lot of families who will tour our country and notice the support for violent anti-American haters will avoid Wisconsin because they think they would need a passport if they even wanted to visit primitive old Yawn Yawnson anymore

    2. Darrell Brooks Junior. They are in the process of scrubbing his social media feed where he called for communist actions against the government and the murder of our previous administration. Oh yeah… He was just let out of jail too

    1. You can remember this incident next time you find yourself in a voting booth remind yourself its the Democrats that want to decriminalize criminals like this and “abolish prisons”.

    2. Bad stuff happens all the time, the government however use these incidents to gain more control, heck maybe they even were behind them, wouldnt surprise me. This guy obviously had no real feelings for the victims.

    3. @Joseph Smith Im not a democrat and prisons are made for the masses, oftentimes innocent people. Not the ruling elite, presidents and billionaires dont go to prison.

  4. Along with everyone here, my thoughts, and prayers are with the people of Waukesha. Several of my aviation friends live in Waukesha. This is crushing my heart. It hits me personally. I sure wish there’s more info as to why this person did this. Intentional, or medical reasons, it’s still a horrible tragedy. You’re in my heart, Waukesha.

    1. Dude… Darrell Brooks Junior. He’s got thousands of posts all over Facebook about how white people are evil and how Donald Trump should be murdered. They are in the process of scrubbing his Facebook Twitter and Instagram accounts. Luckily the Internet is forever… But Darrell Brooks Junior is a Black Lives Matter supremacist who targeted white and Hispanic people.

  5. My heart goes out to all involved. RIP to those who were lost and I hope the ones in the hospital and at home recuperating do so without pain and speedy healing.

  6. The suspect, a black male, also faces charges of recklessly endangering safety and possession of a firearm by a felon from an incident in July 2020. While he was awaiting trial on that case, he was arrested for domestic abuse this month and STILL allowed to post bail.

    1. Suspect is a lilly white male who claims this is revenge for the Kyle Rittenhouse double homicide and the unjust justice system.

  7. Darrell Brooks. Black male, 30’s. Released on bond 2 days ago. Was charged with domestic abuse, obstructing an officer, felony failure to appear in court and several other charges. Sounds like a model citizen.

    1. Makes me even sicker and color ain’t got nothing to do with it. White people aren’t immune this sort of thing.

    2. @Betty Cocker I disagree. Something against what you say is not the same as something agreeing with what you say. Infact something against what you say is the one and only truth, and all other opinions that contradict my reasoning cannot change my mind and I will never admit to being wrong.

  8. I remember when I was a kid, everyone wanted to go to America because it was a civilized, peaceful and developed nation. Today, I watch news like this from the USA all the time. It is horrifying what is happening to your country. I’m from Poland and I know I shouldn’t speak out because it’s theoretically none of my business, but the world is very unstable right now, including Poland. In my opinion one of the reasons is the situation in America. You used to be respected by everyone, and your internal war makes those who have bad intentions no longer afraid of you and are becoming more and more courageous. I know what I write has nothing to do with this situation, but it looks really bad from the perspective of the rest of the world.

    1. This is by design. There are bad actors in the US that are actively working to divide us as a people with the intent of eventually taking control. They are paying politicians on both sides of the aisle to look the other way while they do this. They’re not counting on the collective might of the average American and our innate desire to rise up and decimate these people. We will prevail in the long run and blood will run red in the streets eventually.

  9. this is absolutely sickening. prayers to the people injured, the families, and the community.

    I feel like this kind of behavior should seriously be considered for the death penalty… but at least life in prison

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