‘We Have A Responsibility’: AOC On The Fight For $15 Minimum Wage | Mehdi Hasan | MSNBC 1

‘We Have A Responsibility’: AOC On The Fight For $15 Minimum Wage | Mehdi Hasan | MSNBC


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., a leading proponent of the $15-an-hour wage, talks about the Democrats’ fight for increased minimum wage, stating she believes the parliamentarian should be overridden and that the number one priority should be, “making good on the promise we made and not allowing procedural obstacles to get in our way.” Aired on 3/1/2021.
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‘We Have A Responsibility’: AOC On The Fight For $15 Minimum Wage | Mehdi Hasan | MSNBC


  1. Other countries get actual cost of living raises due to inflation except us we make the same no matter what and its rare now a days to even get a raise so yea il take the 15 thus society is set for the ritch not the regular people

    1. whats crazy is that $15 min wage is actually equivalent to the $1.50 fought for in 1969 taking inflation into consideration. Soooo we’ve progressed absolutely nowhere. And now politicians wanna take credit for getting us absolutely nowhere. Thanks for nothing!

  2. let those senators get paid what the normal people get paid and see how they like it they wont guaranteed they will find how hard it is to make a living on what people our getting paid now

  3. The best solution is to put all those out of touch politicians in DC on minimum wage and let them feel the stuff

    1. You know, you could try with the top, right? The guy who just reneged on his campaign promise? Considering he told the governors 4 weeks ago he wasn’t going to do the minimum wage hike how is *anyone* surprised?

  4. We’ll see how the parliamentarian votes with HR40. Everything else is a show. They have the votes but now we need to be concerned

    1. @Craig Norris Dems don’t support education because they are indebted to the teachers union and the teachers prefer to stay home. Pres.Trump wanted kids in school. Teachers want kids home. Creepy Joe wants what ever the teachers want because he is spineless.

    2. @Guy North not labeling just asking because apparently most democrats make minimum wage if it’s so important to them. What is holding them back. It’s called minimum wage. I hope they know there is not a maximum wage. You can earn as much as your ambition allows you too.

    3. @David Eby Joe knows if he forces teachers to go back to school there goes his political contributions.

    1. Too true. It’s never enough to vote the Democrats into power; that always needs to be followed up on, by vigilantly, and unrelentingly, reminding them that they have jobs to do; not just ceremonial positions to enjoy. When they’re not actively being *_shamed,_* corporate Democrats are barely any better than Republicans.

    2. Tom, it’s always the Republicans that block the Dems. Look what they did to Obama for 8 years. He asked for $10.10 an hour and for turned down. Since 2009 the Republicans have done nothing about this or for medical insurance. They are useless.

    3. @Abby-Usive Monopoly the Dems are always blocked by Republicans. Not one voted for a wage increase shows you once again. They are greedy and cheap!

    1. @tom law something must be messed up in that pea sized trump loving ignorant brain of yours to not Stan AOC but Pop off I guess it’s not like your words matter

    2. @tom law SHe graduated Boston University with honours and two degrees, so I’m guessing that intellectually she’s got you covered.

  5. Why not let Manchin and Sinema prove that they can live on a $11 dollar hour wage? I’d say for a year.

    1. For a decade, to see how soul crushing it is to try to support a fam and a life w/o being able to pay for the most basic needs


    1. got news for ya–Obama increased it as little as any democrat president ever with majority in both houses–don’t look for any of these career politicians differently because one has a D and one has a R by their names. also, increasing the minimum wage would cost poor people jobs and increase the wallmarts of the world’s bank accounts too.

    2. Raising minimum wage is just a tactic to keep those at the bottom, at the bottom. Need more money? Educate yourself, learn a trade that pays better. Dont expect more from someone else just because you want it. Raising minimum wage hurts buissness, people get laid off And jobs become harder to find.

    3. $15 makes it more appealing to outsource jobs overseas. Also, makes it more economic to use robots to automate jobs away. Gotta find that sweet spot: not worth it for companies to outsource, not economic for robots. I really do believe it’s better to lower cost of living instead.

  7. Lemme guess…Manchin isn’t volunteering to cut *HIS* wages to a $15 per hour equivalent. Think how much different things would be, if the ones in charge of making the laws had to live under the same wages and benefits of an average American. Maybe they’d see the need, then.

  8. Way too much to put one Single Answer, we need them to be Accountable with the realism that America is discovering. We are more than Statistics.

  9. Exactly the country kept the House for the democrats because they said they’d fight for $15 so they best fight for it.

  10. In 2015 Senator Ted Cruz stood on the floor and argued that the Parliamentary was only advisory role

  11. All those people who are finally get their deserved 15$ an hour will spend it it, which is good for the economy, if you give the billionaires a million more nothing will happen tot the economy, simple mathematics,nothing socialistic…….

  12. Joe Manchin and his gf in the Senate are not true Democrats, they should just join the Republican Party at this point

    1. Can we please stop pretending there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats? They are both owned by Goldman Sachs and Raytheon

  13. The bill includes money to fight domestic violence, yet most people in violent households stay because they cannot afford to leave as a household can only be supported by two incomes if at all.

  14. Ah remember the good old days when elections had consequences? Or is that only when Republicans win elections?

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