'We have community spread': COVID-19 cases rising on Nova Scotia 1

‘We have community spread’: COVID-19 cases rising on Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia Premier Iain Rankin warned residents that there is community spread in the province and said rising cases should be a wake up call.

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    1. @Norman Trịnh if it does it will be based on seasonality. Not from lack of masking or lockdowns. Florida has been open for 9+ months

  1. I’m not scared of cases.

    Until I have to step over bodies to get to the grocery store I’m not taking it seriously

    1. this will never happen, and they will KEEP manipulating the results
      to get the restrictions that they want

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  3. If after a year you don’t have control of this, you’re never going to. You continue to punish the citizens for a healthcare system thats been collapsing for 30 years because successive Liberal and Conservative governments kept kicking the can down the road.

  4. We encourage everyone to get tested…yea so we can have as many “cases” as possible and introduce more restrictions

  5. Community spread…of course. communities from different countries are still coming into Canada, Via plane and walking over. May we all blame the Federal government for that?

  6. Looks like the troll patrol have gathered here to protest restrictions. How many are actually from Nova Scotia anyway? I would say they should all move to Ontario but that’s probably where they’re posting from.

    1. @shizuokaBLUES Another book you may want to check out if you get the opportunity is entitled “Medical Mafia” by Ghislaine Lanctot. It offers really great insight into how the bureaucracy of modern “medicine” actually works.

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