'We know how to stand up for Canada': Ministers defends Trudeau's oil policy 1

‘We know how to stand up for Canada’: Ministers defends Trudeau’s oil policy


During a testy exchange in the house, federal ministers countered Tory MP Michelle Rempel Garner's criticism over U.S. reliance on non-Canadian oil.

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  1. I wonder if all liberal MPs are taught how not to answer a question by Justin Trudeau …. The entire cabinet sounds like a bunch of Trudeau parrots

    1. Lol Liberals….all your answers must be non answers. Could we expect any more from a silver spoon fed part time teacher?

    2. They’re all the same, it’s a smoke n mirrors show that you gotta pay for whether you like the show or the poligicians acting out their politrix. And once they’re in, it’s all a party for them paid by the taxpayers.

    3. That’s because they all are. However just look at what happened to JWR and Jane Philpott because they broke rank.

    4. Clearly they are all a bunch of idiots. Accountable to the taxpayer and they won’t even answer a basic common sense question with a common sense answer. I’m done with this country.

  2. They should be heavily fined every time they blatantly whack around the bush instead of answering the questions. After 3 fines you’re removed from the chamber for 3 months at the time.

    When allowed back in, if they continue this ludacris charade, tickets and time off goes up exponentially until you are fired for gross incompetence. Clearly, if you never have answers, you don’t know what you’re doing.

  3. It’s hard to build any large scale wind or solar without disturbing the environment in any province. Our bread basket would be the best option in the flat lands, but are we able to loose that land for food or fuel. Carbon credits… We are strange!

    1. If I remember the numbers the renewable energy produces 2.3 Watts per sq meter of space. Which conventional power produces 1000 watts per sq meter. Are you seeing how much more land is needed, for only when the wind blows (other then the Corrupt pollyticians!) and the sun shines in the daytime with not many clouds in the skies. As they reduce the produced power! Ontario’s power from their Prayer Wheels is 26%. who is that for production????? NOT!

  4. They’re All the same, that’s Really why nothing changes for the better of the citizens, but when looked into, it always gets better for the poligicians, their families and their friends. The citizens are none of those so……….
    yey politrix

  5. Oil is expanding production as we speak as fast as it can be done! The politicians in Ottawa have no clue, they dont want to say or publicize it. It is however, the reason that the bills are being paid. How they misrepresent those facts on the floor is sickening.

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