We Need An Immediate Ceasefire, Says Ambassador | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

We Need An Immediate Ceasefire, Says Ambassador | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine to the United Nations joins Morning Joe to call for an immediate ceasefire in the region and humanitarian aid for Palestinians.

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We Need An Immediate Ceasefire, Says Ambassador | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Uncomfortable Truth I know we like to diminish anything positive that was accomplished by the previous administration and we like to ‘Poo Poo’ these peace agreements that the previous administration and his son were able to put together. Nevertheless, the fact remains that a formal agreement was signed. These Middle East countries went against the status quo, saying enough is enough and signed formal peace agreements. Whether we like to admit it or not that’s one heck of an accomplishment. I don’t know why we didn’t take that approach?
      In 2000 Bill Clinton was desperate to get a peace deal between Israel and Palestine and he organized that summer at camp David between the PLO, Israel in the USA. Everything looks very promising because Israel pretty much capitulated to the PLO demands. We were anticipating agreement. I was in DC was several of my clients and we were ready to make the 65 mile drive to Camp David in order to be present at this historic event. Arafat walked away because he could not agree that Israel had the right to exist. That was a terrible blow.
      We should never look down on peace agreements and try to diminish them.

    2. It’s a distraction from Bibi’s criminality and corruption. He should already be in prison, not a leader of a nuclear power. Joe B. has so much leverage but yet he won’t use it. Instead he approved another $700 million in military spending for Israel. Wtf JOE! That isn’t what FDR would do!

    3. @T. R. Campbell
      Do you have a transcript of that meeting because anything claimed by Clinton is probably propagandized hearsay?
      Anyway, the fact is it doesn’t benefit or make sense that Palestinians have any power or leverage in any peace negotiations
      As both the US and Israel are biased, it’s unlikely, that Arafat was so resistant to peace or compromise as is claimed.
      It’s just more nonsense.

    4. @Uncomfortable Truth The summit that Bill Clinton proposed at Camp David between PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, Bill Clinton and Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak was very well publicized at the time. The world was very hopeful that a peace agreement would be reached and it was stunning that the Israeli Prime Minister and the PLO chairman would be together. There were long hours of negotiation and neither would meet face to face. Bill and his staff moved between the two sides making various offers.
      At that time the PLO and Arafat were major players in the Middle East. We must recall that many administrations Took the stand that Millies piece was not possible without the Palestinians. Former Secretary of State John Kerry is on record several times of saying that. Including the PLO at that time did make perfect sense. I believe Israel was under tremendous pressure by Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was desperate to have a peace deal between Israel and Palestine in order to submit his legacy. This too was widely reported at the time. So therefore I believe Clinton put Barak under great political, economic and personal pressure. Israel may have believed as you do, that Arafat was so resistant and so hated the Israelis that he would reject any peace offering. As I stated, we were all hopeful and I was in DC and ready to take several of my clients to Camp David for photo opportunities at this historic conference. Sadly, it didn’t pan out.
      I would guess the documents are available in the national archives if anybody really wanted to take the time to look for them. I’m not gonna waste my time. All of this is rather academic now. But thank you for your interest, it was an amazing experience.

  1. Thank you for having this Ambassador on. Although the situation is so complicated, I value so much to hear directly from primary source to develop my own opinions rather than just pundits opinions. I value both. You mostly bring on good pundits but primary sources make it so much more comprehensive. Thank you.

    1. You know what’s not complicated? A state founded on privileging one group of people above all others and the oppression, and subjection of all others. The occupation and seige are not complicated, it could end today if Israel embraced equal rights under the law for all inhabitants, and treated everyone with the same dignity and respect it affords those who are Jewish.

    2. If you are from NY, Czech, Ukraine, Russia…etc and have some story about “Jewish heritage” you can get an Israeli citizenship and take the house of a Palestinian family to live in it. That’s the reality.

  2. There once were two Middle East men their names were Sadat and Began. Began and Sadat they yelled killed and fought and now they are meeting again.

  3. If they didn’t want a conflict, then why did they evict those families, then attack people at prayer? You can’t poke a bear and then get mad when the bear attacks you.

    1. Exactly. Natanyahoo wouldn’t behave so violently hadn’t the U.S been supported them for so long. The U.S needs to stop funding that serial killer.

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