We showed people an AI political ad. Can they tell it’s fake?

A transformative and largely untested technology looks set to revolutionize political campaigning: artificial intelligence. AI blurs the lines between fact and fiction and is raising concerns ahead of the 2024 presidential election. Donie O'Sullivan reports. #CNN #News


  1. Interesting. I also do like his approach. Let’s see who else will address the possibilities and how they choose to do so.

    1. if you are going to denigrate somebody, make sure your autocorrect is autocorrecting to the right word. a couple seconds of self editing will make you look less stupid.

  2. Maybe we need to remove the tool from the public and only license it to people who have to take a course on appropriate use. Embed each video with the code of the license issued to individuals to address malicious use.

    1. @Roe Jogan but it could still be traced back to you and the license makes the person accountable for anything done with their ID.

  3. Things like this could almost recreate the panic of Orson well’s broadcast of “The War of the Worlds” which caused a panic in the early 1900s
    And the girl saying she could tell it was fake because it “looked like a video game” is full of crap because thats not how AI or deepfake makes images.
    Real images are used by the program to create collages or mashups of multiple images to create a realistic scene.
    So in essence you are looking at real images of real things that are being manipulated to do things which are fake.

  4. If CNN actually hosts Trump, if you allow him to have even a minute of not being challenged of fact checked – your entire history as a news channel will be flushed down the toilet.

    As a journalist, it will break my heart. I know you have fallen far, but i still believe if you actually start paying for local journalists and investigations instead of empty talking heads – you can become a force for good again.
    Please dont disappear.

    1. Your average American – “Ohh really, that’s A.I. ? ” – the rest of the word — sigh .

    1. Poor guy, as much as he’s worked on a stutter, it still certainly does come up when he’s trying to talk. It’s sad because hes beaten it to a point where people can’t tell that it’s a stutter, but they think there’s something else wrong with him. Even though it’s an improvement

    2. ​@Joanne Fitzpatrick Poor guy, exhibiting undeniable signs of accelerating mental decline on top of his mild speech impediment.

      “Where’s Jackie?” isn’t a stutter.

    3. Absolutely, it’s still pretty evident. I saw one with Trump where he was talking in a very reserved, steady voice, entirely contrary to his erratic, maniac speeches.

  5. Some of those images didn’t show recognizable politicians. You could do that with actors on a set and produce a video, not just a still.

  6. you should have shown them your regular reporting and ask them if they could tell its fake…

  7. Dodge Coin is about to go through the roof here in about a month due to some big investors coming in the next couple weeks

  8. If you don’t know what to look for, then AI created images or videos can be very dangerous. That said, most folks especially those who are easily swayed are most susceptible.

  9. This will change everything in the future – there will be no such thing as good guys in the future.

  10. If you ever want to control AI before it takes over, best start by making it illegal to use it in political ads without telling the viewer that it is fiction.

  11. It appears terminator movies taught us nothing. They created AI but have no ways to control it….this is why the aliens dont land.

  12. This technology has certainly existed for decades in DARPA. Probably how they created some of the 9-11 phone calls.

  13. The degree to which people are susceptible to false information depends on whether or not said falsehood tells them what they want to hear. The irony of the information age is that people are not more knowledgeable or informed because they are not interested in being informed. They just want to have their biases confirmed.

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